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Blue Recluse

The Blue Recluse.

Blue Recluse (interior)

The tavern's interior.

The Blue Recluse is a tavern in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City. According to Thassarian, this inn is known for its food, drinks, and good conversations.[1] It's also renowned around the world for its apparent classy atmosphere.[2]

While not being mentioned by the guards as being one of the most popular inn, it certainly has the most reputation in the entire city. Many hunters come here for a drink just like Hemet Nesingwary, he came here once and told the story to Flint Broadshot of how he found himself guarding three Frostsaber cubs from unscrupulous human hunters in Winterspring, which earned him his fame. Thassarian, the first Death Knight to rejoin the Alliance also came here to have an ale as soon as he spoke with King Varian.

At some point, a disturbance was located in the tavern's basement, where a mana rift has formed, and from which came invisible creatures. Consequently, the mages of the Wizard's Sanctum sent a mage adventurer to subdue them in containment coffers, as they wished to study and determine the reason behind their arrival in the physical world.[3]