NeutralBluewax kobolds
Candle Rock.jpg
The giant candle in Candle Rock
Main leader  The Candleking
Secondary leaders  Bluewax Skullcaptain
Race(s) Kobold Kobold
Capital Candle Rock
Theater of operations Sepulcher of the Sky
Affiliation Independent
Status Active

The Bluewax are a kobold group based out of Candle Rock in Highmountain, led by the Candleking. They have recently begun raiding the Sepulcher of the Sky, causing the spirit of Oenia Skyhorn to send adventurers to infiltrate the kobolds and retriever her stolen skull from the Candleking.

The Bluewax are normally hostile, but turn friendly while the player is wearing the  [Skull of Bossing Around], and neutral while they have the "Friends For Life (Okay, Neutrals)" buff.


The Bluewax have lived in Candle Rock for a long time, making their home in the nooks of the cave, catching (and sometimes eating) rats, digging for treasures and trading them to the harpies in exchange for ear wax. One day, however, a group of drogbar arrived at the cavern and claimed it as their own, forcing the kobolds to take their candles and hide. However, the drogbar did not have candles, and so "the darkness" began to follow them, until it finally "swallowed them whole", allowing the kobolds — safe with their candles — to move back in.[1] To this day, the Bluewax claim that if a kobold's candle goes out, or if they lack a candle altogether, "the darkness" will "eat them".[2][3][4] A circle of six large candles can be found in the eastern part of Candle Rock. If an adventurer extinguishes the flames of all six candles, a large voidwraith called "Devouring Darkness" will appear and attack them.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The Bluewax have recently begun taking advantage of the harpy attacks against the Skyhorn tribe of Highmountain tauren by pillaging and desecrating the Skyhorn burial ground known as the Sepulcher of the Sky. The Candleking himself has stolen the skull of a long-dead tauren chieftain named Oenia Skyhorn to wear as a hat, causing Oenia's spirit to awaken from her eternal rest and ask bypassing adventurers to help retrieve her skull. By stealing and wearing a  [Skull of Bossing Around], adventurers are able to pass off as a high-ranking Bluewax and infiltrate Candle Rock without fear of being harmed. Before the Bluewax Gatekeeper allows them entry into the Candleking's inner chamber, however, he forces the adventurers to prove their worthiness by sitting on the Throne of Ordering Around and issuing commands to the kobolds in the cavern. Once these tasks are done, the gatekeeper lowers the gate and allows the adventurer to approach and kill the Candleking, who uncovers the adventurers for what they truly are by removing the Skull of Bossing Around from their heads. After returning Oenia's skull to her, she goes back to rest. If an adventurer chooses to return to Candle Rock later, they will find that the kobolds are now neutral to them, rather than hostile.

The Bluewax are currently in the process of building the "biggest candle ever" using the ear wax they have acquired from the harpies.[2]

A group of Bluewax Drumtakers also managed to infiltrate the Highmountain tauren capital of Thunder Totem and began to steal the ceremonial drums used by the tauren, which had been misplaced by the local children.



Name Role Status Location
Mob  The Candleking Leader Killable Candle Rock, Highmountain
Neutral  Bluewax Gatekeeper Guardian of the Candleking's chamber Alive Candle Rock, Highmountain
Mob  Bluewax Skullcaptain Leader of the raiders at the Sepulcher of the Sky Killable Sepulcher of the Sky, Highmountain
Neutral  Dug Digger Digger Deceased Candle Rock, Highmountain
Neutral  Intern Jackie Intern Alive Candle Rock, Highmountain
Neutral  Kindle Candlecrafter Candlecrafter Alive Candle Rock, Highmountain
Mob  Kipp Brightwick Candlecrafter and storyteller Killable Candle Rock, Highmountain
Neutral  Snazzle Shinyfinder Alive Candle Rock, Highmountain
Neutral  Trytooth Hardchisel Alive Candle Rock, Highmountain


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