Bluewax Cavewhisker

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MobBluewax Cavewhisker
Image of Bluewax Cavewhisker
Race Kobold (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bluewax
Location Candle Rock, Highmountain

Bluewax Cavewhiskers are Bluewax kobold miners and guards found around Candle Rock in Highmountain. Like the rest of the Bluewax, they are normally hostile but turn friendly while the player is wearing the  [Skull of Bossing Around], and neutral while they have the "Friends For Life (Okay, Neutral)" buff.


  • No talk! Must dig!
  • Harpies like shinies. We trade treasures for wax. Build biggest candle ever!
  • You no take candle! If candle go out, darkness eat.
  • Why no have candle? Darkness eat you if no have candle!
  • Very busy! Always jobs to do! Smart workers catch rats. Smartest workers light candles. Others... dig.
  • I dig. I find. I keep!
  • Not lazy. Guarding!
  • Cave seems safe, boss.
  • You tall for boss.

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