The Blump Family Fishing Pole was a common fishing pole. It is one of two low-level upgrades to the [Fishing Pole], and is only available to the Alliance. It is obtained through A [14] The Family and the Fishing Pole quest in Auberdine in Darkshore, the first area night elves visit when they leave Teldrassil. Draenei characters can easily reach Auberdine to do the quest and obtain this pole, but human, dwarf, and gnome characters in the southern part of the Alliance will have difficulty (but it can be done.)

It makes sense to vend this fishing pole. The +3 bonus to fishing skill is not especially significant compared to other fishing poles, and it you really want a fishing pole with a low fishing skill bonus at low levels, the [Strong Fishing Pole] is not terribly expensive. (You do not need one; the money would be better spent on a lure when you are beginning fishing.) However, this pole is significantly better than the basic Fishing Pole for use in combat.

Also, if you have just learned to fish (Gubber Blump will offer to teach you for free if you start the quest but don't have fishing training yet) and acquired this fishing pole, it is much easier to learn to fish initially in the starting areas, so you may want to travel back to a starting area to begin leveling your fishing.

In Cataclysm, the pole was replaced with [Staats' Fishing Pole].


This item was a reward from A [14] The Family and the Fishing Pole.

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