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Blushing Bride is part of the [Noble Gardener] meta-achievement for the Noblegarden world event.

To accomplish this achievement: Equip the Tuxedo Shirt and Pants, then look for someone—anyone—wearing an Elegant Dress and blow a /kiss emote to that person.


The  [White Tuxedo Shirt] and  [Black Tuxedo Pants] are not the same as the  [Tuxedo Shirt] and  [Tuxedo Pants] which can be crafted by Tailors. For this achievement to work, you need the clothes obtained from Brightly Colored Eggs or bought from a Noblegarden Merchant or Vendor.

The Shirt and Pants do not bind. You only need to obtain them on one character and can then pass them on to others of the same faction.

You can wear the  [White Tuxedo Shirt] and  [Black Tuxedo Pants] at the same time as the  [Elegant Dress]. This way you can help others get this achievement by serving as a target for the /kiss while you are looking for a target yourself.

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