An Alliance vessel nearing Menethil Harbor.

A boat as seen in World of Warcraft

A ship as seen in The Comic.

The Wavestrider

Boats, also known as ships or sea vessels, are a form of transportation, mostly in use between Alliance harbors, but also between some neutral harbors. The Horde equivalent is the zeppelin airship, although some docked Forsaken ships have appeared in Northrend. Boats stay docked for exactly 60 seconds, then depart.

In patch 2.3.0, transport ships were crewed by NPCs. Unfortunately, the vendors did not work as intended and the crews were removed in a hotfix on 12/06/07.[1] The crew and guards returned in the Wrath of the Lich King beta, and with patch 3.0.2 on live realms.

Boat ferry routes

Alliance boat routes in the original World of Warcraft.

Cataclysm boat and zeppelin route map.

Boat and zeppelin routes in a very early WoW map.

Eastern Kingdoms ↔ Kalimdor
Eastern Kingdoms ↔ Northrend
Eastern Kingdoms ↔ Kul Tiras
Kalimdor ↔ Zandalar

Defunct routes

Kalimdor ↔ Sardor Isle
Kalimdor ↔ Teldrassil
Kalimdor ↔ Eastern Kingdoms
Kalimdor ↔ Azuremyst Isle

Named vessels

A ship being attacked by a red dragon.

Alliance architecture.jpg

Alliance ships

Third Fleet

Northwatch Expeditionary Unit

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Ships removed in Battle For Azeroth Battle for Azeroth

Ships removed in the Shattering

Horde ships

The Windrunner Fleet

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Kul Tiran ships

Zandalari ships

Goblin ships

Other Azerothian ships

Kael'thas Sunstrider's Dawnblade

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Blackwater Raiders ships

Bloodsail Buccaneers ships

Southsea Freebooters ships

Other Northrend ships

Northsea Freebooters

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Kalu'ak Turtle Fleet

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Kvaldir ships

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Scarlet Onslaught

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.


Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Silver Covenant

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.


Unnamed vessels


Zone Location Coordinates Notes Screenshot
Ashenvale Zoram Strand destroyer]]s and 3 Darnassian transport ships can be found near Zoram'gar Docks, one of the destroyers is being built, about half-way finished, one of the destroyers is sunken, and the third one is wrecked. The wrecked ship, the two floating destroyers, and the transport ships are all burning.
Azshara Bilgewater Harbor [58, 52] A human ship found on the coast of Bilgewater Harbor Azshara Bilgewater Harbour.jpg
Azuremyst Isle Veiled Sea, The [33, 31] The two Alliance Naval ships floating south of Odesyus' Landing. Azuremyst Isle Alliance Naval ships.jpg
Azuremyst Isle Veiled Sea, The [28, 33] The high elven ship buried on the southern part of Silvermyst Isle. Azuremyst Isle Highelven ship.jpg
Barrens Merchant Coast, The [65, 39] The sunken transport ship nearby Ratchet. Sunken ship near ratchet.jpg
Bloodmyst Isle Hidden Reef, The [34, 15] The two sunken ships off the northern coast. Bloodmyst Isle Human wreck.jpg
Bloodmyst Isle Bloodcursed Reef, The [83.8, 19.5] The six sunken ships (5 human / 1 high elven) off the eastern coast of Wyrmscar Island. Bloodmyst Isle Human ship.jpg Bloodmyst Isle Highelven ship.jpg
Darkshore Mist's Edge [55, 13] Gelkak Gyromast's wrecked high elven ship in northern Darkshore. Darkshore Highelven ship.jpg
Darkshore Long Wash, The [32, 45] Elura's wrecked high elven ship below the docks of Auberdine. Darkshore Auberdine Highelven ship.jpg
Desolace Sar'theris Strand [35, 16] The sunken high elven ship southeast of Ranazjar Isle. High Elven ship near Ranazjar Isle.jpg
Durotar Scuttle Coast [58, 49] The eight crashed ships on the Scuttle Coast. Probably part of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's fleet. Scuttle Coast ships.jpg
Durotar Bladefist Bay [57, 8] The goblin ship docked at the Dranosh'ar Blockade port. Goblin Ship.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Theramore Isle [67, 58] [76, 56] The two Theramore deserter ships, one docked in town at the farthest dock, the other moored on a tiny island southeast of Theramore Isle. Theramore deserter ship1.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Tidefury Cove [61, 66] The wrecked high elven destroyer. Dustwallow Marsh wreckage.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Tidefury Cove [57, 62] The sunken Alliance warship southwest of Nat's Landing. It is crawling with makrura. Human ship in dustwallow.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Dustwallow Bay [58, 46] The sunken Alliance ship. Human ship in dustwallow 59-47.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Alcaz Island [69, 22] The wrecked high elven destroyer. Highelf destroyer1 in dustwallow.jpg
Dustwallow Marsh Dreadmurk Shore [59, 13] The wrecked high elven destroyer located among the islands. Highelf ship -Dustwallow.jpg
Tanaris Great Sea, The [75, 27] The pair of ships in the distance off the eastern coast. They appear to be a pirate ship and an Alliance ship in service to the Goblins firing cannons at each other. Both are on fire. Ships to the east of tanaris.jpg
Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove [75, 47] The two Southsea Pirates ships and one under construction. Southsea pirate ships.jpg Southsea pirates ship under construction.jpg
Thousand Needles Shimmering Flats [82, 55] The high elven ship. 1000Needles Highelven ship.jpg

Eastern Kingdoms

Zone Location Coordinates Notes Screenshot
Arathi Highlands Drowned Reef The elven destroyer wreck lying very close to the Spirit of Silverpine.
Dun Morogh Newman's Landing [18, 74.5] A small wrecked boat off the dock. Newman's Landing.jpg
Eversong Woods Sunsail Anchorage [31, 68] The docked blood elf ship belonging to Captain Kelisendra. Eversong Woods blood elf ship.jpg
Eversong Woods Sunsail Anchorage [34, 68] [31, 67] The two high elf sunken destroyers. Eversong Woods high elf ship01.jpg
Ghostlands Shalandis Isle [10, 23] The moored night elf ship. Ghostlands night elf ship.jpg
Isle of Quel'Danas Sun's Reach [49, 27] The docked night elf ship, that first brought the Shattered Sun Offensive to Quel'Danas. Nightelf ship on Isle of Quel'Danas.jpg
Silverpine Forest North Tide's Run [37, 29] The wrecked ship. Silverpine Forest shipwreck.jpg
Stranglethorn Vale Vile Reef, The [29, 32] A ship lying in the ocean, west of Grom'gol Base Camp. Stranglethorn wreckage 2.jpg
Stranglethorn Vale Vile Reef, The [25, 30] A sunken high elven destroyer west of Grom'gol Base Camp. STV highelven shipwreck.jpg
Swamp of Sorrows Forbidding Sea, The [95, 23] A rotting human ship that has probably been here for a long time. Human wreck - Swamp of sorrows - 95-23.jpg
Tirisfal Glades North Coast, The [67, 26] The wrecked high elven destroyer off the northern coast. Tirisfal Glades Highelven ship.jpg
Westfall The seven crashed boats lining the shore, including one lying on very deep water. One of them is Captain Grayson's pirate ship.
Westfall Deadmines The Defias Brotherhood juggernaut located inside. Juggernaught top-view.jpg
Silverpine Forest North Tide's Beachhead, Skittering Dark The three ships are in a very bad condition. They are referred to as the Warchief's fleet. Warchief's fleet1.jpgWarchief's fleet2.jpg
Twilight Highlands Obsidian Breakers Five known ships met their fate because of Ophelia.


Zone Subzone Coordinates Notes Screenshot
Twisting Nether [60.9, 34.5] A wrecked ship once docked with Kirin'Var Village. Twisting Nether wrecked ship.jpg


Zone Subzone Coordinates Notes Screenshot
Dragonblight Forgotten Shore Scattered along the coast are several human ships, damaged beyond repair. They are most likely the remains of the boats used in Arthas' pursuit of Mal'ganis.
Grizzly Hills Venture Bay [, ] A docked Horde ship captained by Captain Zorna.
Grizzly Hills Venture Bay [, ] A docked Alliance icebreaker captained by Captain Brightwater.
Grizzly Hills Venture Bay [, ] A docked Venture Company ship.
Grizzly Hills Venture Bay [, ] An anchored Horde Lumberboat.
Grizzly Hills Venture Bay [, ] An anchored Alliance Lumberboat.
Howling Fjord Frozen Sea, The A Forsaken Battleship with all Forsaken Crew slain and overrun with Kvaldir trying to retrieve a stolen Artifact Undead destroyer WoW.jpg
Howling Fjord Frozen Sea, The Scattered throughout the sea floor and surface lies many unnamed vessels, mostly of human design.

Boat types

Boat types appearing in World of Warcraft

Icon-search-48x48.png This section contains information that needs to be cleaned up. Reason: Note that this section attempts to describe boats and ships appearing in World of Warcraft using real-world standards and terminology. This may not be the proper thing to do.

Sailing ships

Name Description
Alliance Transport Ship Seen extensively throughout Azeroth, transport ships are employed by both the Alliance and the Steamwheedle Cartel (and various pirate entities). They employ a barque sail plan (three masts with square sails) with jibs and gaffs and have no prominent weaponry. Their sails would make them suited to open ocean sailing along many points, but at the cost of requiring more crew to man the square sails. Ship WoW.jpg
Alliance Battleship Introduced in Mists of Pandaria, these battleships are used by the Alliance as new warships in the Alliance-Horde war. Human frigate WoW.jpg
Pirate Frigate These frigates are the warship mainly used by the pirates of Azeroth, although there are a few to be found in the service of the Alliance. These ships employ brig sail plans, but appear to lack jibs or gaff sails, both of which would contribute greatly to the maneuvering and speed of these craft without increasing the crew requirements to man the sails. With just square sails, these ships would have poor performance sailing against the wind or maneuvering in battle. In realistic terms, these ships would only qualify as brig sloops because of their small armament. Scarlet ship Lights Point.jpg
Pirate Destroyer A new warship based on the mesh of the Transport with a gun deck. One can be found patrolling near Scalawag Point.
Orc destroyer These are the ships used by the orcs in the Alliance-Horde war, introduced in Cataclysm. Galerek's Remorse.jpg
Forsaken Battleship These are ships dredged up from the bottom of the ocean, most of which were once among Lordaeron's fleets.[3] They are based on the same design as the Pirate Destroyer. Crimson Squall at shipwreck.jpg
Forsaken Battleship The Oblivion - Legion.jpg
Forsaken ship TeldrassilBfA 2.jpg
Vrykul Longboat The Kvaldir have two sizes of longship. Kvaldir ship on Sea Reaver's Run.jpg
Darnassian Transport Ship Employed principally by the night elves of Darnassus, these caravel ships are similar in size and capacity to transports. Built around a lateen sail, they can be seen frequently plying the waters of the west coast of Kalimdor. Their sail plan does not require an extensive crew but can be a liability on the high seas and dangerous in storms, a problem that would be exaggerated by its high sterncastle. The-moonspray.jpg
Blood Elven Destroyer A mainstay of the Second War, the trimaran destroyers of Silvermoon continue to be a common sight in the northern waters. While they do not mount heavy weaponry, their ramming prows and versatile junk rigging make them fierce opponents at sea. Their rigging would put them at a disadvantage for raw speed (partially offset by their hull configuration) but at a significant advantage for maneuvering in most wind conditions. Silvermoon's Pride.jpg
Alliance Icebreaker A relatively new invention, icebreakers appeared with the resurgence of Alliance activity in Northrend. Equipped with sturdy armored prows for icebreaking and backup brig rigging, they represent the resurgence of Alliance naval supremacy in the aftermath of the third war. Like frigates, their incomplete sail plan would put them at a disadvantage were it not for their steam powered paddlewheels. Steamship in Menethil Harbor.jpg
Orcish/Ogre Juggernaught Once the centerpiece of the Horde's naval power, juggernaughts today are but a fading memory. Only one surviving ship of the type is known to exist, hidden away in a secret dock in the mines south of Moonbrook. Having basically no significant sails to speak of these ships were dependent on steam power to move. Juggernaught side-view.jpg
High Elven Destroyer Time has not been kind to the ships of this class. Built during the days of the high elves, and featuring the prominent unicorn sails commonly employed by ships of Silvermoon before their downfall, these were at one time a common sight in the waters of Azeroth. No longer. No surviving member of this ship type has yet been found, and those wrecks that exist to be found are typically mangled so that no conclusive information can be drawn about their full sail plan. All that can be said for sure was that they were reasonably small craft with armored prows suitable for ramming. Dustwallow Marsh wreckage.jpg
Tol'vir ship Mar'at.jpg
Transport ship Zeth'Kur transport.jpg
Naglfar In the Maw of Souls dungeon Maw of Souls loading screen.jpg
Zandalari ship GoldenSkipper.jpg
Big Zandalari ship With big pontoons at its sides BigZandalariShip.jpg
Kul Tiras Destroyer The Relentless.jpg
Kul Tiras Flagship BigKulTiranShip.jpg
Kul Tiras Sloop Kul Tiras Sloop.jpg

There is a wreckage of a distinct Kul Tiran ship in the Siege of Boralus dungeon.[4] A version of this ship has since been seen intact and operational being used by the Alliance during an Faction Assault on Nazmir, until it was destroyed by the Horde.[5]

Other ships

Oil tankers were used in the Second War.


Kul Tirans use ferries with numerous ferry masters.


Other small boats


Main article: Submarine
Name Description
Goblin submarine A type of submersible that can be found in Vashj'ir. Its design draws parallels to a squid. Goblin Submarine.jpg
Gnomish submarine A type of submersible that can be found in Vashj'ir. Its design draws parallels to a fish, with a giant drill on the front. Gnomish-submarine.jpg


Warcraft III

Warcraft III: Reforged

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):
    • The boat from Stormwind now sails to Rut'theran Village following Deathwing's destruction of Auberdine.
    • Introduced a mercenary ship from Stormwind (same dock as the Northrend ship) with the quest A [30-35] Call of Duty.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): The crews have returned.
  • Bc icon.gif Hotfix (2007-12-06): The vendors on the Boats and Zeppelins throughout Azeroth have run out stock and shut up shop, they are no longer able to service you with their wares.
  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): Boats that carry players are now populated with NPC crews, some of which are vendors. The boats also now rock side-to-side while moving.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.7.0 (2005-09-13): Some of the ship paths have been modified.
  • WoW Icon update.png Hotfix (2005-04-22): The boat between Menethil and Auberdine has returned to normal operation.
  • WoW Icon update.png Hotfix (2005-01-21): Today's maintenance removed the boat that traveled from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine from the realms listed below. Two new NPCs, Captain Placeholder in Menethil Harbor and Captain Noteo in Auberdine, have been placed on the docks where players used to board this boat. Both NPCs are marked with a yellow exclamation point over hovering over their heads (the same exclamation point used to let players know that an NPC has an available quest for them). Opening a dialog with these NPCs will allow players to travel between the two cities.

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