AllianceBodrick Grey
Image of Bodrick Grey
Title <SI:7>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind, SI:7
Location Various
Status Alive

Bodrick Grey is a human SI:7 member that accompanied Maraad and the Alliance army to the Blasted Lands when the Ironmarch army invaded the place. From Shattered Beachhead he sent Scout Pazerp to get a better look at the Dark Portal. After learning about the gnome's death, he sent the adventurers to kill some Iron Horde executioners to free the Nethergarde prisoners.

He is later found standing with Amber Kearnen outside the town hall in Lunarfall. He reported that the Iron Horde fleet is nearing to Talador and sent Foreman Eksos to construct an outpost.

He is ultimately seen with the Alliance and the Exarchs at the Gates of Tanaan in Talador confronting Warchief Grommash after the death of Azuka Bladefury.

He put together a plan for striking at the heart of Everbloom Wilds in order to draw the Botani back into the jungles of Gorgrond, giving the Alliance room to maneuver around them.[1] He was concerned at the Shadowmoon clan's proximity to Lunarfall and put out a request to thin their forces.[2] He requested the rescue of friendly troops that have been taken prisoner in the main Bloodmaul compound at Stonefury Cliffs by the Bloodmaul ogres.[3] When some of Alliance's best scouts went missing in the vicinity of the lost ruins of Veil Anzu, Bodrick requested any available resources be dispatched to identify the threat and see if any of the men yet remain alive within the ruins.[4]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Blasted Lands 92 22,939
Lunarfall 92 22,939
Talador 100 97,854



He starts the following quests:

He finishes the following quests:

Shattered Beachhead


Blasted Lands gossip
  • The battle is heating up. We must push forward!
  • This is our chance to send the Iron Horde scattering. Steel yourself. We must hold the front line!

Shattered Beachhead

Main article: Peeking into the Portal#Notes
  • Bodrick Grey says: Nethergarde has lost so much already, I can't stand to see them lose more.
  • Bodrick Grey says: Hopefully the prisoners you saved will have an opportunity to rebuild Nethergarde to its former glory.


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Judging by the surname, he may be related to Garon Grey and Vana Grey.


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