AllianceBody and Heart
Start Mathrengyl Bearwalker
End Mathrengyl Bearwalker
Level 10 (Requires 10)
Category Druid
Experience 850
Reputation WoW Icon update.png+100 Cenarion Circle
Bc icon.gif+250 Cenarion Circle
Previous A IconSmall NightElf Male.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gif Druid [10] Back to Darnassus
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Druid [10] Body and Heart.


Use the Cenarion Moondust on the Moonkin Stone of Auberdine to bring forth Lunaclaw. From there, you must face Lunaclaw and earn the strength of body and heart it possesses.

Speak with Mathrengyl Bearwalker in Darnassus when you are done.


Directly east of Auberdine lay many moonkin caves. The one closest to Auberdine has a Moonkin Stone inside it. Lunaclaw, the defender of the stone, will face you only when Cenarion Moondust is applied to it. Lunaclaw possesses within it a strength that you must use as one of the Claw.

You've earned the right to use this Cenarion Moondust, <name>... now show me that you've earned the right to possess the strength of body and the strength of heart needed as a druid!


You will also learn:

You will receive:


When you have faced the challenge that lies before you, your understanding of strength of body and strength of heart will be fully realized.  Until that time, I cannot help you further.


You have finally taken your large step into a much larger world, <name>. I sense the teaching of the Great Bear Spirit within you, and I sense that you have received the strength that Lunaclaw possessed.

There are no further obstacles in your way... let me now teach you what it means to be a Druid of the Claw!


The Moonkin Stone is located inside a cave east of Auberdine, at [43.4, 45.8]. You must fight through the moonkin outside the cave to reach the stone, summon Lunaclaw, and slay it. If you misplace your  [Cenarion Moondust] or use it and fail to kill Lunaclaw, you can get more by abandoning the quest and picking it up again.

After Lunaclaw is dead, the Spirit of Lunaclaw will appear above its body. Speak to it:

The slain spirit of Lunaclaw stares at you intently, as though wanting something from you.
Gossip You have fought well, spirit. I ask you to grant me the strength of your body and the strength of your heart.
The spirit looks intently into your eyes and grasps your hand. You feel a warmth shoot through your body, almost knocking you to your knees.
As the warmth passes, you feel the slight presence of an ursine spirit within your being... bolstering your resolve.


  1. B Druid [10] Heeding the Call
  2. B Druid [10] Moonglade
  3. N Druid [10] Great Bear Spirit
  4. A IconSmall NightElf Male.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gif Druid [10] Back to Darnassus / H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif Druid [10] Back to Thunder Bluff
  5. B Druid [10] Body and Heart

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