For the warrior honor talent, see Bodyguard (warrior honor talent). For the mob found in Elwynn Forest, see Bodyguard (mob).

A few of the available garrison followers and class order champions have the Bodyguard trait which allows them to join you in your adventures.

You must have a level 2 or better Barracks large building in your garrison. Using your garrison architect table select the Barracks and click the follower slot to get a list of your active followers who have the bodyguard trait. Assign one to the barracks. They will no longer be available for missions.

You must then go to the barracks and locate the follower (usually standing in the entrance) and click them to use the conversation option to request they follow you on your travels. Afterwards they will follow you around much like certain quest NPCs, assisting you in defeating enemies. Bodyguards only accompany you in the outside world. They do not accompany you into dungeons, raids or PvP instances.

As you defeat enemies while accompanied by your garrison follower you gain reputation with that follower and eventually unlock follower-specific special abilities such as a garrison portal or remote follower mission management. The first ability (a combat ability, such as Delvar's Breath of Sindragosa or Vivianne's Meteor) requires at least 10,000/20,000 reputation (Trusted Bodyguard) and level 100, after which you can talk to the bodyguard to complete a quest. The second ability (a non-combat ability, such as Tormmok's repairs, Ishaal's mail or Aeda and Illona's summoning stones) requires 20,000/20,000 reputation points (Personal Wingman) and a quest.

If a garrison bodyguard is defeated, your character get a debuff which prevents that bodyguard from accompanying you for 1 hour (real time), however you can still take another bodyguard with you while you're waiting for the debuff to expire, and defeated bodyguards can still run missions while the debuff is in effect.

Garrison Bodyguards

Name Generic name Level 1 abilities Level 2 abilities Level 3 abilities Mount(s)
Horde  Aeda Brightdawn Sunsworn Warlock Demonwrath (+threat), Demonic Leap, Shadow Bolt Volley, Agonize (taunt), Sacrificial Pact Summon Infernal Ritual of Summoning (summoning stone) Land mount:  [Sunreaver Hawkstrider]
Flying Mount: [Sunreaver Dragonhawk]
Alliance  Defender Illona Sha'tari Defender Righteous Fury (+threat), Hammer of the Righteous, Reckoning (taunt), Divine Intervention Guardian of Ancient Kings Guiding Light (summoning stone) Land Mount:  [Mottled Meadowstomper]
Flying Mount:  [Enchanted Fey Dragon]
Alliance  Delvar Ironfist Stormshield Death Knight Death and Decay, Scourge Strike Breath of Sindragosa Death Gate (garrison portal) Land Mount: [Acherus Deathcharger]
Neutral  Leorajh Bloodmane Earthbinder Lightning Bolt, Chain Heal Primal Bloodlust Windspeaker (garrison missions) Land Mount:  [Fossilized Raptor]
Flying Mount: Rylak
Neutral  Talonpriest Ishaal Outcast Talonpriest Phantasm Bolt, Shadowfiend Last Rites Courier Raven (mail) Land Mount: Dread raven
Neutral  Tormmok Retired Gorian Centurion Mortal Strike, Recklessness Avatar Master of Arms (repairs) Land Mount:  [Great Greytusk]
Flying Mount: Rylak
Horde  Vivianne Warspear Magus Fireball, Blizzard Meteor Portal: Garrison

Order Hall Bodyguards

Name Generic name Class Class Order Mount(s)
Neutral  Koltira Deathweaver Acherus Death Knight Blood Death Knight Knights of the Ebon Blade Land Mount: Crimson Deathcharger
Flying Mount:  [Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade]
Neutral  Minerva Ravensorrow Ebon Death Knight Blood Death Knight Knights of the Ebon Blade  [Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade]
Neutral  Akama (or Shade) Ashtongue Warrior Outcast Illidari Land Mount:  [Warsong Direfang]
Flying Mount:  [Reins of the Bronze Drake]
Neutral  Belath Dawnblade Illidari Adept Vengeance Demon Hunter Illidari Land Mount:  [Reins of the Illidari Felstalker]
Flying Mount: Felbat
Neutral  Lady S'theno Coilskar Myrmidon Outcast Illidari N/A
Neutral  Broll Bearmantle Druid of the Claw Feral Druid Cenarion Circle Land Mount: [Travel Form]
Flying Mount: [Flight Form]
Neutral  Thisalee Crow Dreamgrove Protector Feral Druid Cenarion Circle Land Mount: [Travel Form]
Flying Mount: [Flight Form]
Neutral  Rexxar Unseen Pathfinder Survival Hunter Unseen Path Dread raven (possibly Nisha)
Neutral  Addie Fizzlebog Unseen Marksman Survival Hunter Unseen Path Land Mount:  [Reins of the White Riding Goat] ( [Black Battlestrider] pre 7.2.0)
Flying Mount: Eagle
Neutral  Nighthuntress Syrenne Nightborne Huntress Survival Hunter Unseen Path  [Arcanist's Manasaber] (possibly D'Bynn)
Neutral  Aethas Sunreaver Tirisgarde Apprentice Fire Mage Tirisgarde  [Flameward Hippogryph]
Neutral  Archmage Modera Kirin Tor Invoker Frost Mage Tirisgarde Land Mount:  [White Stallion Bridle]
Flying Mount:  [Snowy Gryphon]
Neutral  The Great Akazamzarak Underbelly Cardslinger Frost Mage Tirisgarde  [Creeping Carpet]
Neutral  Millhouse Manastorm Tirisgarde Apprentice Fire Mage Tirisgarde Land Mount:  [Swift Moonsaber]
Flying Mount:  [Silver Covenant Hippogryph]
Neutral  Brewer Almai Thunder Warrior Mistweaver Monk Order of the Broken Temple Land Mount:  [Reins of the Tan Riding Talbuk]
Flying Mount:  [Grievous Gladiator's Cloud Serpent]
Neutral  Chen Stormstout Broken Temple Brewmaster Brewmaster Monk Order of the Broken Temple Land Mount:  [Reins of the Great Black Dragon Turtle]
Flying Mount:  [Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent]
Neutral  The Monkey King Broken Temple Windwalker Windwalker Monk Order of the Broken Temple [Zen Flight]
Neutral  Vindicator Boros Silver Hand Knight Protection Paladin Knights of the Silver Hand Land Mount: [Summon Great Exarch's Elekk]
Flying Mount:  [Purple Riding Nether Ray]
Neutral  Arator the Redeemer Silver Hand Templar Retribution Paladin Knights of the Silver Hand
Neutral  Maximillian of Northshire Shieldbearer Protection Paladin Knights of the Silver Hand
Neutral  Nerus Moonfang Legionfall Defender Protection Paladin Knights of the Silver Hand Land Mount:  [Reins of the Black War Tiger]
Flying Mount:  [Silver Covenant Hippogryph]
Neutral  Aelthalyste Banshee Shadow Priest Conclave N/A
Neutral  Zabra Hexx Dark Zealot Shadow Priest Conclave Land Mount: White raptor
Flying Mount:  [Armored Bloodwing]
Neutral  Sol Lightspawn Holy Priest Conclave N/A
Horde  Lilian Voss Uncrowned Assassin Subtlety Rogue The Uncrowned
Alliance  Princess Tess Greymane Uncrowned Assassin Subtlety Rogue The Uncrowned Land Mount:  [Ratstallion]
Flying Mount:  [Purple Riding Nether Ray]
Neutral  Vanessa VanCleef Defias Thief Outlaw Rogue The Uncrowned Land Mount:  [Black Stallion Bridle]
Flying Mount:  [Ebon Gryphon]
Neutral  Stormcaller Mylra Earthen Ring Geomancer Elemental Shaman Earthen Ring Stormbeak ( [Grand Armored Gryphon])
Neutral  Magatha Grimtotem Grimtotem Shaman Restoration Shaman Earthen Ring Land Mount:  [Black War Kodo]
Flying Mount:  [Reins of the Twilight Drake]
Neutral  Rehgar Earthfury Earthcaller Enhancement Shaman Earthen Ring Land Mount: [Ghost Wolf]
Flying Mount:  [Sunreaver Dragonhawk]
Neutral  Kanrethad Ebonlocke Black Harvest Invoker Affliction Warlock Council of the Black Harvest
Neutral  Ritssyn Flamescowl Black Harvest Invoker Destruction Warlock Council of the Black Harvest Land Mount: [Dreadsteed]
Flying Mount:  [Felfire Hawk]
Neutral  Dvalen Ironrune Iron Dwarf Fury Warrior Valarjar Land Mount:  [Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger]
Flying Mount:  [Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake]
Horde  Eitrigg Warsong Warrior Fury Warrior Valarjar
Alliance  Lord Darius Crowley Greywatch Mauler Fury Warrior Valarjar
Neutral  Moroes Undead Steward Tower Steward All Classes
Neutral  Meatball Gnoll Brawler All Classes Land Mount: None
Flying Mount:  [Disc of the Red Flying Cloud]


  • This is one of the few traits that is not random, cannot be removed, and cannot be assigned.
  • Like Shado-Pan companions, bodyguards are shown to other players by generic names rather than personal names. Their appearance is also altered.

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