Image of Bohein
Gender Male
Race Tauren
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Bohein is a tauren that appeared in a short story of Magic & Mayhem.


Bohein and his goblin companion, Isak, attempted to break into an ancient vault on top of a mesa, while besieged by an undead swarm. Bohen told Isak to have vault opened while he attacked the undead. Using a special potion made from Bluefen, Bohen was able to stand on the side of the mesa, and run down into the undead, in attempt to hold them back. Isak was successful at opening the door, and inside he found a book. After Bohen returned to the top of the Mesa he took the book from Isak, and used a spell inside to stop the undead.[1]


  • "In the name of Queen Azshara and with the power of this book, i command death itself! BACK!"


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