Bolstering Bastion

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NeutralBolstering Bastion
Start Kalisthene
End Kalisthene
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Threads of Fate
Experience 61,700
Rewards 374g 40s
Previous N [50] The Elysian Fields
Next N [50] Return to Oribos


Aid Bastion by completing Side Quests, Bonus Objectives, World Quests, and slaying rare creatures. You may also defeat powerful foes in Bastion dungeons.


You are no aspirant, but I welcome any aid that Oribos might bring us in these dire times.

Please, aid our people in any way you can. With anima in low supply and the insidious Forsworn encroaching from all sides, there is no shortage of trials to overcome.

Do this for us, and I will see to it myself that our almighty Archon hears of your deeds in service of the kyrian. Mark well my words, and follow the path.


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You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark.png Honortoll Spear Inv misc questionmark.png Memoria Glaive
Inv misc questionmark.png Requiem Handscythes

You will also receive:

  • 61,700 XP
  • 374g 40s


How goes your time in the Archon's realm?


Word has spread across Bastion of your deeds since your arrival here.

You have proven yourself a worthy ally of the kyrian. Take this gift in thanks, and go in service.

May we cross paths again soon.



  1. N [50] The Threads of Fate
  2. N [50] Re-Introductions
  3. N [60] Choosing Your Purpose
  4. N [50] Aiding the Shadowlands
  5. Choose a zone:
  6. N [50] The Next Step (choose a second zone)
  7. N [50] Furthering the Purpose (choose a third zone)
  8. N [50] The Last Step (the remaining zone)

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