• Bolt of Soulcloth
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 80s

Bolts of Soulcloth are made by tailors by infusing Netherweave with the essence of souls found in Karazhan. They are used in items with high arcane resistance.

Unlike other fabrics, Soulcloth only exists as bolts, and not as individual pieces of cloth.

It is used in the production of the Soulcloth Embrace set, which is moderate-arcane-resistance, multi-purpose gear designed for fights against arcane bosses where the player does not want to reduce their stats excessively.


This pattern can be learned by Tailors with a skill level of 345, from  [Pattern: Bolt of Soulcloth].

Materials Required
Inv fabric netherweave bolt.png 1x [Bolt of Netherweave] Spell shadow soulleech 3.png 8x [Soul Essence]

The pattern is sold in limited supply by the following vendors:

As an ingredient



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