Gnomish bomber.

Modern gnomish bomber prototype.

Goblin Wings of Steel.

Bomber Command.

Bombers are fixed-wing flying machines that were originally depicted as being of gnomish origin, but goblins have now been shown to use them too. Many crash sites can be found around Azeroth where these machines have succumbed to their delicate builds.

In Wrath of the Lich King, bombers were to be included as siege weapons in Wintergrasp. They were based on the gnomish model with tandem seating and the upper wing being removed, the second seat replacing the boiler. A fighter plane based on the dwarven flying machine was also planned. Both of these vehicles didn't make it out of the beta stage, although the edited model originally planned for the Wintergrasp bomber was reused in other occasions.

Sometimes the bomber models are also used for plain flying machines, as is the case with Vic's Flying Machine, and sometimes even for gyrocopters, as is the case with Bingles Blastenheimer's plane.


Examples of airfields or bomber launching pads can be found at the Ironforge Hall of Arms, Ironforge Airfield, Gnomeregan Launch Bay, Toxic Airfield, Fizzcrank Airstrip, Strongarm Airstrip, the Venture Co. Copter Pad, and Bael Modan. Many dwarven keeps possess a complement of these crafts in addition to their other amenities. Naval carriers can also transport full squadrons of gyrocopters and bombers.



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