NeutralBondo Bigblock
Image of Bondo Bigblock
Title Yard Chief,
Yard King
Gender Male
Race Mechagon mechagnome (Humanoid)
Level 50 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Pistonheads, Arcforged
Location Bondo's Yard, Mechagon Island
Status Alive
Killable (alternate universe)

Bondo Bigblock is a Mechagon mechagnome located in Bondo's Yard on Mechagon Island. He owns Bondo's Fight Club, of which Bookie Longshot is an employee.

Bondo has no issues working with the Rustbolt Resistance when it suits him, though during Operation: Mechagon, when the Arcforged are on the surface, he and his Pistonheads become hostile to the resistance. He himself does not fight, however. Trixie Tazer and Naeno Megacrash are two of his lieutenants who fight in Bondo's stead against the Rustbolt Resistance. When they are slain, Bondo makes no efforts to avenge them.

In an alternate future where King Mechagon succeeds in activating the Mechoriginator, Bondo sold the Rustbolt Resistance out. In exchange for full mechanization, he built giant bots and attacked the town of Rustbolt. To remove him as a threat, adventurers were sent to kill him alongside Izira Gearsworn.[1]

Objective of


On approach
We got a visitor!
  • Some <race> is poking around the yard! (will say this unless there is something specific below)

While riding on Invincible or The Horseman's Reins:

Look at you riding around on your dead pony.
What, you can't find a live one?

While riding a Lightforged Warframe or Mimiron's Head:

Look what they are riding on!
Bring that over here. I want to see what makes that work!

While riding a Spectral Tiger:

Is that a spectral tiger?
They got more money than sense!

While riding a Water strider:

Is that a giant mosquito they riding on?

While riding a Sky Golem, a Goblin Turbo-Trike or the G.M.O.D.:

Is that a <race> riding a goblin trash can?

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