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Bonds of Brotherhood
Bonds of brotherhood-Cover
Author(s) Paul Cornell, Chris Metzen (story)
Artist(s) Mat Broome
Pages 112[1]
Publisher(s) Legendary Comics
Publication date June 7, 2016
Format(s) Hardcover, Digital
Retail price US: $24.99
ISBN 10 1681160137
ISBN 13 978-1681160139
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood is a graphic novel prequel to the Warcraft movie, set in the film universe. It features the young Medivh, Anduin Lothar and Llane Wrynn in a story that takes place roughly two decades before the events of the movie. Despite the art featuring Khadgar and Garona, they do not appear in the novel.

Official description[]


Discover how three of Azeroth's greatest champions forged their first alliance, in the official graphic prequel to the Warcaft[sic] movie from Legendary, Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.

In a fantasy action epic set decades before the film, the young and headstrong Llane, Lothar, and Medivh embark on a mission of vengeance that will forge them into heroes…

Initial description

Setting the stage for the Warcraft movie, Legendary Comics revealed the official graphic novel prequel Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood.

This thrilling adventure of bravery, bloodshed and brotherhood is an original story conceived by Chris Metzen, written by the award-winning Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and featuring art from Mat Broome (Batman: No Man's Land, WildC.A.T.S, Witchblade).

Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood will be released in May 2016 in the weeks before the movie hits theaters on June 10th.[2]


  • Bonds of Brotherhood is part of the movie canon, separate from the continuity of the games.[3][4]


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Locations (film universe)[]




  • Anduin, Lothar and Medivh venturing into Stranglethorn and being ambushed by trolls also happened in the main universe.[5]
  • Trolls attacking Stormwind City also happened in the main universe, with several small differences. As such, the unnamed troll warlord and his son may be the alternate versions of Jok'non and Zan'non.
    • The warlord's tribe is referred to only as raiders. Given the similarities with the event from the main universe, it may have been the Gurubashi tribe here as well.
  • Zandalari and Drakkari are troll languages.


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