This article is about the Maldraxxi creatures. For the Scourge faction found in Icecrown, see Boneguard (Scourge).

A typical boneguard.

Boneguards[1] are a type of powerful, skeletal Maldraxxi construct. Summoning one of these beings requires a large amount of anima.[1][2] Successfully summoning one and defeating it is the test of the House of Rituals for the ritualist's mantle.[3] As evidenced by Mortanis, powerful necromancers can undergo a ritual to transform themselves into a boneguard.

Boneguards appear to be the precursors to the similar-looking bone wraiths of Azeroth.




  • While three of the boneguard's skulls resemble those of a bone wraith, the fourth and largest one has small horns and a prominent lower jaw reminiscent of a lich.
  • Most boneguards wield an axe with the same model as  [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter], the weapon of the famous bone wraith Lord Marrowgar.
  • The original Wrath of the Lich King concept art for Marrowgar referred to him as "bone guard boss".[4]