Bot-Specialist Alley

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NeutralBot-Specialist Alley
Image of Bot-Specialist Alley
Title <B.O.O.M.>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) B.O.O.M.
Occupation Engineer
Location Ruins of Enkaat, Netherstorm
Status Alive

Bot-Specialist Alley is a goblin located at the Ruins of Enkaat in the Netherstorm.




This is delicate work out here, you know? It can't just be rushed, or something's likely to get broken.

Like Fuselage's head!

You might be wondering about my bots? I'm always working on the Mk. I, and the Mk. II gained sentience for a split-second before his brain capacitor blew out and he went insane!

I decided to skip III and IV, and went straight to the Mk. V - my pride and joy!

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