NeutralBouldercrag the Rockshaper
Image of Bouldercrag the Rockshaper
Gender Male
Race Earthen (Humanoid)
Level 5-30 Elite
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bouldercrag's Refuge, Storm Peaks
Status Alive

Bouldercrag the Rockshaper is the leader of the earthen from Ulduar. He led them to safety after Loken and his iron dwarf army took over Ulduar, and forced the earthen out. He led them to a nearby titan building, that they named Bouldercrag's Refuge.[1] After the raid, many were killed and their numbers are extremely thinned.

He is apparently an ally and friend of renown adventurer Brann Bronzebeard. Brann doesn't seem to want to force the earthen to join the Alliance, especially since they are in such a weakened state. The Ulduar Earthen have lent their aid to Brann many times but are still neutral.


While its unknown when the earthen awoke, Loken's army attacked them while they were awake. They could not hold out long against the many iron dwarves attacking them, and eventually lost.

In a desperate attempt to save his people, Bouldercrag lead as many earthen as he could to a nearby titan building. The building was named Bouldercrag's Refuge and is where the Ulduar earthen make their home for now.

Bouldercrag and his people have received help from some heroes that were sent by his friend Brann Bronzebeard, this may help them turn the tides on the iron dwarves at last.

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Brann called on Bouldercrag's help to conduct a ritual that would allow a dwarf adventurer's [Stoneform] to last longer than normal, so they could endure the heat to reforge the armor of Aegrim Bronzebeard. He used the ritual that had turned Magni Bronzebeard into a diamond, but because Magni was already the Speaker of Azeroth, unlike Magni's this would only be a temporary transformation.[2]


He starts the Iron Colossus questline.

  1. H [25-30] The Earthen of Ulduar or A [25-30] The Exiles of Ulduar
  2. N [25-30] Rare Earth
  3. N [25-30] Relief for the Fallen & N [25-30] Fighting Back
  4. N [25-30] Slaves of the Stormforged & N [25-30] The Dark Ore
  5. N [25-30] The Gifts of Loken & N [25-30] Facing the Storm
    While killing golems, loot the  [Dark Armor Plate] to continue the quest chain.
  6. N [25-30] Armor of Darkness
  7. N [25-30] The Armor's Secrets
  8. N [25-30] Valduran the Stormborn
  9. N [25-30] Destroy the Forges! & N [25-30] Hit Them Where it Hurts
  10. N [25-30] A Colossal Threat
  11. N [25-30] The Heart of the Storm
  12. N [25-30] The Iron Colossus
Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.


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You are welcome here, as a friend and ally of the earthen.

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