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The box art for the Warcraft games had the same Warcraft logo with subtitles (e.g. Tides of Darkness) and have been a popular part of Warcraft culture. The Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II boxes both had a rivaling orc and human on either side.

Warcraft III introduced multiple covers, one for each race. When you bought directly from Blizzard Entertainment they would send you a random box cover, but the contents were all the same. Most stores however did not have all four. The release of The Frozen Throne only had one box cover, however; it hosted Arthas Menethil after his transformation into a death knight. Currently only the human and orc covers for Reign of Chaos are recognized in that on the battle chest, they use the orc cover, and on the accounts it is the human.

When the World of Warcraft came out, it had a Horde and Alliance cover. The Horde version with an orc in the circle and a tauren armed with an halberd outside of it. The Alliance version they had a night elf in the circle with a dwarf with a gun on the border. However the Alliance cover was more popularly stocked in most retail stores by far. In the Battle Chest and the product catalogs, the night elf cover is the only one shown. Since then, every expansion for World of Warcraft only had one cover version.




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