Box of Bombs

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  • Box of Bombs
  • <Right Click to Open>
  • "Contains Saronite Bombs.  Lots of them."


This item is crafted with Engineering (405); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv ingot yoggthorite.png 5x [Saronite Bar] Inv misc enggizmos 04.png 1x [Volatile Blasting Trigger]


  • One box contains two stacks of 12-20 Saronite Bombs, for a total of 24-40 bombs per box.
  • The box can be carried and opened by anyone, but the bombs require 350 Engineering skill to use.
  • The bombs do 150 damage to buildings and walls that can be damaged in Wintergrasp.

Patch changes

Prior to this, the bombs were created directly in groups of 2-4 for the same materials as the box.

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