Image of Brackenspore
Title <Walker of the Deep>
Gender Male
Race Fungal giant (Elemental)
Level ?? Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Highmaul
Status Killable

Brackenspore is the fourth boss of Highmaul in Nagrand.


Adventure Guide

The Iron Horde juggernaut moored in the waters beside Highmaul drew the attention of Brackenspore, ancient walker of the deep. The aquatic giant spreads fungal growth and moss in his wake, and is driven by primal instinct to eradicate any traces of civilization on Draenor.


Brackenspore emerges from the infested waters beneath the cliffs of Highmaul, spreading fungal growth that will engulf the beach if left unchecked. Players must use available Flamethrowers to keep Creeping Moss in check, while defeating hostile fungi that Brackenspore creates in his wake.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Grab the attention of Fungal Flesh-Eaters as they stream in from the sea.
  • Interrupt Decay which is cast by the Fungal Flesh-Eaters.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Interrupt Decay which is cast by the Fungal Flesh-Eaters.
  • Intercept the damage from Spore Shot away from other players, to avoid splashing the damage.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Heal friendly mushrooms to full to gain their effects. Once they are healed to full they will begin to wither and die at an increasing rate. Keep them healed in order to maintain their beneficial effects.
  • Heal Living Mushrooms to full to gain Living Spores in order to survive the damage caused by Infesting Spores.


  • Spell fire burnoutgreen.png  Creeping Moss (LFR, Normal and Heroic) Important — Inflicts 12,619 (LFR), 25,239 (Normal) or 35,335 (Heroic) Nature damage every second to players and reduces their movement speed by 50%. This effect will heal fungal creatures for 2% of their health every 5.20 or 2 sec.
  • Spell fire burnoutgreen.png  Creeping Moss Heroic Difficulty — Tangles of moss rejuvenate Fungal Spawns, regenerating 2% of their health every 2 seconds. This also increases their damage done by 50%.
  • Ability creature disease 02.png  Rot Tank Alert — Inflicts 2,514 (LFR), 5,028 (Normal) 7,042 (Heroic) or 9,465 (Mythic) Nature damage every second. This effect stacks.
  • Ability mage worldinflamesgreen.png  Necrotic Breath Tank Alert — Inflicts 11,070 (LFR), 22,097 (Normal), 30,287 (Heroic) or 60,575 (Mythic) Nature damage every second to frontal enemies, and reduces their healing taken by 99%.
  • Ability creature disease 01.png  Infesting Spores Deadly — Inflicts 1,010 (LFR), 2,454 (Normal), 4,038 (Heroic) or 7,067 (Mythic) Nature damage every second to all enemy players. This effect stacks up to 10 times and lasts 3 sec.
  • Ability shawaterelemental swirl.png  Call of the Tides Heroic Difficulty — A mighty stomp calls forth the sea, crashing in on players for 356,316 Frost damage.
  • Druid ability wildmushroom b.png  Exploding Fungus Heroic Difficulty — Sprouts exploding mushrooms that inflict 353,355 Fire damage to players within 3 yards of the detonation.

Hostile Fungus

Spore Shooter

  • Ability creature disease 03.png  Spore Shot Damage Dealer Alert — Shoots an exploding spore at a random enemy, inflicting 18,021 (LFR), 36,042 (Normal) 50,479 (Heroic) or 92,882 (Mythic) Nature damage within 8 yards on contact.

Mind Fungus

  • Inv mushroom 10.png  Mind Fungus — Summons a Mind Fungus whose ooze seeps into your veins, affecting your brain. Casting speed reduced by 75%.

Fungal Flesh-Eater

  • Ability creature disease 02.png  Flesh-Eater Tank Alert — Consumes the flesh of his enemy, increasing damage dealt by 5% (LFR), 10% (Normal and Heroic) or 15% (Mythic), attack speed by 5% (LFR), 10% (Normal and Heroic) or 15% (Mythic) and casting speed by 5% (LFR), 10% (Normal and Heroic) or 15% (Mythic). This effect stacks.
  • Spell nature wispsplodegreen.png  Decay Interruptible — Inflicts 36,042 (LFR), 77,084 (Normal), 100,958 (Heroic) or 174,154 (Mythic) Nature damage to all enemies.

Beneficial Mushrooms

  • Living Mushroom Healer Alert — Heal this unit to full to gain the effects of Living Spores.
    • Inv misc starspecklemushroom.png  Living Spores — Heals all units within 20 yards for 23,221 every second.
    • Inv pet ancientprotector fall.png  Wither — This mushroom will wither away and die over time. The rate at which this mushroom decays increases over time.
  • Rejuvenating Mushroom Healer Alert — Heal this unit to full to gain Rejuvenating Spores.
    • Spell magic managain.png  Rejuvenating Spores — Increases haste by 30%. Mana regeneration increased.
    • Inv pet ancientprotector fall.png  Withering — This mushroom will wither away and die over time. The rate at which this mushroom decays increases over time.

Blackfuse Company 9000

Players may use this weapon to burn away Creeping Moss.

  • Inv firearm 2h rifle pvppandarias1 c 01.png  Flamethrower — This flamethrower will generate heat based on the duration that it is used. If it overheats, it must cool for at least 10 seconds before use.
    • Spell burningsoul.png  Burning Infusion — Adrenaline burns in your veins, increasing your damage and healing dealt. This effect stacks up to 30 times. Every 4 sec, an application of this aura is removed.


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An important mechanic throughout the fight is the two people who use the Inv firearm 2h rifle pvppandarias1 c 01.png  Blackfuse Company 9000 flamethrowers to burn away the Spell fire burnoutgreen.png  Creeping Moss. If any fungal creature stands in Creeping Moss it receives healing, so keep the boss and adds out of it.

Once you have picked up the flamethrower you gain a heat gauge and an ExtraActionButton1 which toggles the flamethrower. If you leave the flamethrower on long enough to max out the heat gauge it overheats and becomes unusable for 10 seconds. Never ever allow this to happen. The flames from the flamethrower are emitted in the direction of the player's movement, so "strafing" does not have the effect you would hope. Just imagine you're mowing a lawn.

Using the flamethrower gives the player Spell burningsoul.png  Burning Infusion stacks which increase critical strike chance, multistrike chance, and haste. The buff stack erodes by one each 3 seconds.

Current strategy is to let a character with improved speed (like a cat-form druid) wield the flamethrower. Burn away the Creeping Moss until your heat gauge exceeds 3/4, then deactivate the flamethrower. Switch back to DPSing the boss or adds (aided by your Burning Infusion stacks) until your heat is down to 1/10 and find another strip of Creeping Moss to burn away till your heat gets high. The realities of the battle will probably force you to use your flamethrower at other times.


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Related Achievements


Iron Warmaster yells: Argh! These flamethrowers are useless, it's eating us alive!
Iron Warmaster yells: Fall back! Drop your weapons and retreat to the ship!

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Patch changes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-12-17): Elements of the fight, such as hostile fungus and beneficial mushrooms should now be visible from further away during the encounter on Mythic difficulty.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-12-15):
    • Creeping Moss' healing dealt to fungal spawn will now show up in the Combat Log.
    • Burning Infusion now increases damage and healing dealt by 13% per stack (up from 10% per stack) and decays more slowly at a rate of 1 stack every 4 seconds (up from 1 stack every 2 seconds).
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.


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