Not to be confused with N [30-35] Breaking the Bonds.
NeutralBreak the Bonds
Start Svergan Stormcloak
End Svergan Stormcloak
Level 10-45
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 19,010
Rewards 32g 40s
Previous N Warrior [10-45] Stolen Honor
Next N Warrior [10-45] Svergan's Promise


Throw Svergan's Belongings into the Soul Pyre and complete the Ritual of Unbinding.


The Bonespeaker mystics used these heirlooms to tie my soul to this world.

Under their curse, my soul could not enter the Halls of Valor. Find the soul pyre in Haustvald and throw my belongings into the flames.

The fire that bound my soul through their foul magic will be the same fire that undoes this bond!


You will receive: 32g 40s


Is it done yet, <NAME>?


I can feel it. My soul is my own again!



Head east from Svergan and follow the path entering Haustvald. Travel straight ahead until you reach the bottom level. At the point before the stairs continue onward into the portal to Helheim, go up the steps on the left and then use the nearby path that loops upward and around to reach the room containing the soul pyre.

If Svergan despawns before you can turn in the quest or accept the next, you can return to his usual spot at the Field of Fallen Kings and conclude your business there.

The spirit of Svergan Stormcloak appears in front of the soul pyre after the warrior adventurer has tossed into it his family heirlooms.
Svergan Stormcloak says: I can feel their curse weakening! You must stop them from interfering with the rite!
Bonespeaker Mystics begin to stream into the room in an attempt break the ritual. The ritual completes however, and any remaining Bonespeakers are killed.
Svergan Stormcloak yells: It is done! You rotten Bonespeaker dogs cannot deny me my place in the Halls of Valor any longer!


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