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Not to be confused with magic breaker.
Main leader IconSmall Magnaron Drov the Ruiner (presumed)
  Formerly IconSmall FelMagnaron Kormrok
Race(s) IconSmall Unknown Colossal
IconSmall Magnaron Magnaron
IconSmall Gronn Gronn
IconSmall Gronnling Gronnling
IconSmall Ogron Ogron
IconSmall Goren Goren
Capital Magnarok
Theater of operations Draenor, mostly Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond
Affiliation Independent

The Breakers are a group of various species of stone giants and other rock-like beings native to Draenor who intend to transform the entire planet into a desolate landscape. They are the children of Grond, the great giant crafted by the titan Aggramar to battle the Evergrowth. The colossals are fragments of Grond that broke off and gained a life of their own, and the magnaron likewise broke off the colossals. Spores infused with the Spirit of Life that released from Botaan on its death transformed some magnaron into gronn, and further into ogron, ogres, and orcs.[1] They are locked in an eternal war with the plant-like Primals, who seek to transform the entirety of Draenor into a vast jungle and establish dominance over the Breakers.[2] Despite their shared animosity for the Primals, they show little to no loyalty among each other. Most, if not all, of the Breakers are part of the ogre lineage.[3][4]

Ogres themselves do not serve the goals of the Breakers (except for perhaps the occasional prisoner or slave), the only overlap being the ogron. The ogron Graveltooth even sides with a group of goren against the Gorian empire.


  • The Breakers found in Ashran's Molten Quarry are known as "the Destructors".[5]
  • The ettin were once theorized by Brann Bronzebeard to be a "missing link" in the line of ogres, based on fossil evidence.[6] Chronicle Volume 2 does not mention them anywhere when describing the lineage of the Breakers, and World of Warcraft: Legion has ettin that have lived on the Broken Isles for "ages".[7]
    • However, Chronicle Volume 2 also doesn't mention goren despite their proven association with the Breakers.


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The colossi of Outland such as the Farahlon Breakers might be former members of the Breakers.

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