AllianceBreaking Out is Hard to Do
Start Messner [47.5, 42.0]
End Messner [47.5, 42.0]
Level 7-30
Category Redridge Mountains
Experience 1250
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Previous A [7-30] In Search of Bravo Company
Next Jorgensen


Retrieve Messner's Cage Key.


The key to this cage is stored in a pouch over at the worg den, just north of our location. The problem is that the pouch is resting safely atop a tree stump amidst a sea of bloodthirsty man-killing worgs.

You've got one shot to get that key without waking up any of those sleeping worgs. Head to the worg den and find a way to the center. Tread carefully and watch out for the Blackrock worg captain. Get the key and return to me.

If you got a pet, I'd recommend telling it to stay back!


Did you get the cage key?




Head north. The pit is full of elite Blackrock Battle Worgs and guarded by the elite Blackrock Worg Captain. If players attempt to enter the pit with their pet not staying put, the game displays a warning:

You should have your pet wait for you here. Beware the Blackrock Worg Captain!

Aggroing one worg will aggro nearly every worg in the pit, so be careful!

Exiting the worg pit:

Don't forget to command your pet to follow you!

Completing the quest breaks Messner out of the cage. He will follow players about as a guardian, with quotes!


  • Where's the rest of my crew??!
  • You think these bars can hold me? HAH!
  • If I ever get out of here I'm gonna crap all over your head, you pig sucking orc.


  • (attacking)You messed with the wrong soldier!
  • We all owe our lives to Keeshan. He's saved our hides a hundred times.
  • So what's up with the bridge in Lakeshire? Oslow ever finish building it?
  • These orcs are in for a rude awakening once Bravo Company is back up and running.
  • I think I'm gonna go to Dalaran after this is over. Help 'em get that city up and floating.
  • Being a mage has its advantages, but the laundry bills are hell to pay.
  • I need to use the restroom.
  • Danforth says: You know, I've always wondered why they call themselves orcs.
Danforth says: It's an ugly word, you know? It's a word I'd use to describe defecating. For example:
Danforth says: After that Pilgrim's Bounty dinner, I took a huge smelly orc.
The collected company laughs.
Messner says: I really missed you, Danforth.


Optional breadcrumb from: NPCs or Hero's Call Boards.

  1. A [7-30] Still Assessing the Threat
  2. A [7-30] Parker's Report
  3. A [7-30] We Must Prepare!
  4. A [7-30] Tuning the Gnomecorder
  5. A [7-30] Canyon Romp
  6. A [7-30] They've Wised Up...
  7. A [7-30] Yowler Must Die!
  8. A [7-30] John J. Keeshan
  9. A [7-30] This Ain't My War
  10. A [7-30] In Search of Bravo Company
  11. A [7-30] Breaking Out is Hard to Do
  12. A [7-30] Jorgensen
  13. A [7-30] Krakauer
  14. A [7-30] And Last But Not Least... Danforth
  15. A [7-30] Return of the Bravo Company
  16. A [7-30] They Drew First Blood
  17. A [7-30] It's Never Over
  18. Complete all of:
  19. A [7-30] Prisoners of War
  20. A [7-30] To Win a War, You Gotta Become War
  21. A [7-30] Detonation
  22. A [7-30] The Dark Tower
  23. A [7-30] The Grand Magus Doane
  25. A [7-30] Showdown at Stonewatch
  26. A [7-30] Darkblaze, Brood of the World Breaker
  27. A [7-30] Triumphant Return

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