Breaking Waves of Change (worgen)

For the other quest, see Alliance 15.png  [5-30] Breaking Waves of Change.
Alliance 32.png Breaking Waves of Change
Start Genn Greymane [48.1, 14.4]
End Dentaria Silverglade [51.8, 18.0]
Level 5-30 (Requires 5)
Category Darkshore
Experience 210
Reputation +25 Darnassus
Rewards 85 Copper.png
Previous The Howling Oak
Next Alliance 15.png  [5-30] The Last Wave of Survivors


Speak to Vesprystus in Rut'theran Village to secure a ride to Lor'danel.


It seems you have your first charge. You must travel back down to Rut'theran Village, where we first arrived, and speak to Vesprystus to secure a ride to Lor'danel.

Once in Lor'danel, aid the night elves in any way that you are able. I am trusting you to treat them with the reverence that they deserve in light of all that they have done for us.

I must travel to the distant city of Stormwind to meet with King Anduin. I hope to see your face again very soon, <name>. Until then, a fond farewell.


You will receive: 85 Copper.png


Our allies have come to our aid? Thank Elune. Tyrande was wise to extend open arms to your people.

We need help. We need everyone we can get.


Back through the teleportation tree on the west side of the city, then turn around to find Vesprystus, the flight master, at [55.4, 88.4]

Blip.png just to the east of the other teleportation tree in Rut'theran. He automatically offers the flight path to Lor'danel, which is free, so take it. A few yards from where the hippogryph sets down is Dentaria, also on the landing platform.


  1. Optional breadcrumbs:
  2. Alliance 15.png  [5-30] The Last Wave of Survivors & Alliance 15.png  [5-30] Threat from the Water
  3. Alliance 15.png  [5-30] Buzzbox 413
  4. Alliance 15.png  [5-30] No Accounting for Taste
  5. Alliance 15.png  [5-30] Buzzbox 723
  6. Alliance 15.png  [5-30] A Cure In The Dark & Alliance 15.png  [5-30] The Corruption's Source

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