NeutralBreaking the Ward
Start Loramus Thalipedes
End Loramus Thalipedes
Level 58 (Requires 45)
Category Azshara
Experience 310
Previous Loramus
Next N [58] The Name of the Beast

This is part of the main Blasted Lands quest chain, although it takes place in Azshara.


Wait for Loramus to complete the enlightenment spell.


You are foolhardy, <name>. It is an admirable quality of your kind - to blindly enter battle when you have little to no chance of success. I will assist you, if only to see just one of Razelikh's minions fall.

To break the ward placed over Razelikh's subordinates will take time and require the acquisition of rare artifacts.

Be still, I must first perform the enlightenment ritual. The information I gather will assist me in forging weapons of great power.


The name of the beast must be found.


This is part of the You Are Rakh'likh, Demon quest chain.

Horde precursors

  1. H [50] Fall From Grace
  2. H [50] The Disgraced One
  3. H [50] The Missing Orders
  4. H [55] The Swamp Talker

Alliance precursors

  1. A [57] Petty Squabbles
  2. N [57] A Tale of Sorrow

Neutral quests

  1. N [57] The Stones That Bind Us
  2. N [58G] Kirith
  3. N [60] The Cover of Darkness
  4. N [60] The Demon Hunter
  5. N [57] Loramus
  6. N [58] Breaking the Ward
  7. N [58] The Name of the Beast
  8. N [58G] The Name of the Beast
  9. N [58] The Name of the Beast
  10. N [58G] Azsharite
  11. N [58] The Formation of Felbane
  12. N [58] Enchanted Azsharite Fel Weaponry
  13. N [58] Return to the Blasted Lands
  14. N [60G] Uniting the Shattered Amulet
  15. N [60G] You Are Rakh'likh, Demon

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