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Role Community Manager
"One of the only places you can
be happy to be blue. :)
Bret Forbus

Ornyx in person

Bret Forbus, also known as Ornyx, is a former Community Manager for the NA World of Warcraft forums at Blizzard Entertainment. He joined Blizzard in December 2015 but his welcome post wasn't posted until January 11, 2016.[1]

On September 14, 2018, Ornyx announced that it was his last day with Blizzard Entertainment.[2]


  • Prior to working at Blizzard, Forbus worked at Nexon as a Community Manager.
  • He does not like coffee.[3]
  • Ornyx's favorite tabard is the Inv shirt guildtabard 01 [Tabard of the Protector].[4]


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