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A small statue of a brewfather.

The brewfathers were three particularly revered pandaren brewers who each invented a unique form of alcoholic drink with special properties. Shrines of them can be found across Pandaria, and each one has a corresponding pandaren Archaeology artifact.

Miniature smuggled brewfather statues are among the  [Black Market Merchandise] stolen by the Hatescale saurok in the Veiled Stair.[1]

Name Description Shrine location Artifact
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted Father of Dichotomy Dark and Pale Ale and the school of Balanced Inebriation Zhu Province, Krasarang Wilds  [Twin Stein Set]
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Ren Yun the Blind Father of the individual sensory beers and the  [Four Senses Brew] Neverest Pinnacle, Kun-Lai Summit  [Walking Cane]
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted Father of the Heartswell Brew Thunderpaw Overlook, Jade Forest  [Empty Keg]


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