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This article is about the faction. For the class, see Brewmaster.
NeutralThe Brewmasters
Main leader Chen Stormstout?
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Capital Stormstout Brewery, Valley of the Four Winds
Theater of operations Pandaria
Status Active
Quartermaster Teng Thundermalt

The Brewmasters is a cut faction on Pandaria. Although it did not make it to live, several scenarios are still run by Brewmasters. Kichi of the Hundred Kegs and Brewmaster Linshi still stand with the other faction quest givers.


These noble Pandaren safeguard the secrets of hereditary brews, braving great hardship to construct their potent concoctions.


Starting with Mudmug's introduction, the second half of the Valley of the Four Winds storyline generally provides Brewmasters reputation.

  1. N [87] Chen and Li Li (+10)
  2. N [87] Great Minds Drink Alike (+75)
  3. N [87] Leaders Among Breeders (+250)
  4. N [87] The Warren-Mother (+250)
  5. N [87] Thieves to the Core (+250)
  6. N [87] Legacy (+25)
  7. N [87] Muddy Water (+250)
  8. N [87] Broken Dreams (+350)
  9. N [87] Chen's Resolution (+250)
  10. N [87] The Emperor (+250)
  11. N [87] Knocking on the Door (+10)
  12. N [87] Clear the Way (+250) & N [87] The Fanciest Water (+250)
  13. N [87] Cleaning House (+500)
  14. B [87] It Does You No Good In The Keg (+350)

Additionally, a handful of scenario quests awarded Brewmasters reputation:

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