For lore about brigands, see Brigand.
Race Neutral
Hit Points 40
Armor 4
8 (upgraded)
Basic Damage 9
13 (upgraded)
Piercing Damage 1
Range N/A
Speed 7
Sight ?
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

These are the diabolical Humans, whom even their brethren distrust. They use numbers and tactics to overpower much stronger units, and will fight like rabid wolves when cornered. They hide in untraveled lands, and are turned away from any village or encampment where they seek shelter. The short blades they wield are made for quick slashing attacks, and are most effective.[1]

Many of these evil bandits were once loyal subjects of the King, but their greed and hatred has turned them against their own people. Like all cowards, they hide in the shadows, waiting to overpower their victims with surprise and numbers. Having been driven out of lawful settlements, they seek refuge wherever they can find it. Often armed with short swords and daggers, they rely upon their speed to fill their purses with ill gotten gains.[2]


A Brigand as seen in the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Manual.

Brigands can be found in only one campaign mission, Northshire Abbey. They are moderate units and are quite easy to take down. Interestingly enough, despite being described as ruthless outlaws, they actually help the humans during this mission. Brigands are also encountered in some Custom Game dungeon maps.

The Brigands in the Northshire Abbey mission have upgraded weapons and armor, improving their stats as shown in the unit box above.