Brilliant Mana Oil

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  • Brilliant Mana Oil
  • Use: While applied to target weapon it restores 12 mana to the caster every 5 seconds and increases spell power by 13. Lasts for 1 hour. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 165.
  • Requires Level 45
  • 5 Charges
  • Sell Price: 10s


This item can be crafted using Enchanting (300); taught by [Formula: Brilliant Mana Oil].

Relevant items
Inv enchant shardbrilliantlarge.png 2x [Large Brilliant Shard] Inv misc herb 17.png 3x [Purple Lotus]
Inv alchemy leadedvial.png 1x [Crystal Vial]

This item is a quest reward from H [65] And Now, the Moment of Truth.

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