AllianceBringing the Bass

The Bass Blaster and some dancing ogres
Start Fix "Smallie" Biggswrench[33.8, 36.4]
End Fix "Smallie" Biggswrench[33.8, 36.4]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison
Rewards  [Stash of Dusty Music Rolls]
Garrison Jukebox
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [100] Bringing the Bass.


Laz-tron Disc Reader

Stalwart Warden (Phonic Amplifier)

Iron Shredder (S.P.R.K. Capacitor)

Collect a Bass Blaster, Laz-tron Disc Reader, Phonic Amplifier, S.P.R.K. Capacitor, and a Cord of Ancient Wood.


It's a bit quiet around here, in between the invasions and all.

You're in luck though, Commander! I can fix that, and boost morale among your troops all at the same time.

All you need to do is bring me a few items from around Draenor, and I'll fill your garrison with music. I'll even through in a few music rolls from my own collection to get you started!

What do you say?


You will receive:


Collect a Bass Blaster, Laz-tron Disc Reader, Phonic Amplifer, S.P.R.K. Capacitor, and a Cord of Ancient Wood.


This is the best Draenor has to offer? Lucky for you I went to engineering school. One Tune-O-Tron 5000 coming up!


For a hint, speak with the quest giver again:

Great day for some tunes, eh Commander?

Gossip Where are the jukebox parts?

Need some help with the shopping list?
I hate to encourage theft, but the ogres partying at the Ring of Blood love their Bass Blaster. I doubt they'll be in a fighting mood, but don't stick around after you swipe it from them.
I had a Laz-tron Disc Reader stolen from me a few weeks ago, and I couldn't get the goblin smell out of my bunk for a week. Check Pinchwhistle Point.
Phonic Amplifiers are tough to find. A piece of metal from an arakkoa construct might be enough.
If you're up to sticking it to some Iron Horde, their shredders in Talador usually have the sort of capacitor I need.
And for the finishing touch, wood from the ancients in Gorgrond, if the Commandojacks have spared any.

From Lunarfall, fly to Akeeta's Hovel on the border between Spires of Arak and Shadowmoon Valley. Run north to Skettis. A  [Phonic Amplifier] will drop from any Stalwart Warden in the area.

Fly to Pinchwhistle Gearworks and run south to Pinchwhistle Point. The  [Laz-tron Disc Reader] is at [55.5, 90.6] on the upper floor of the inn. Looting it will spawn a hostile Spore-addled Goblin.

Spore-addled Goblin says: Hey... that's mine! I think...

Fly to Redemption Rise in Talador. The  [S.P.R.K. Capacitor] will drop from any Iron Shredder in the Iron Horde camps in the area, like Mor'gran Logworks.

Fly to Joz's Rylaks in Nagrand and run north to the Ring of Blood. Northeast of the ring itself, find three Party Animals dancing behind the  [Bass Blaster] at [57.8, 10.9] The ogres are upset, but won't attack:

Party Animal says: Please no hurts us. Just party ogres!
Party Animal says: Why you do this?
Party Animal says: Party pooper!

Finally, fly to the Everbloom Wilds in Gorgrond. The  [Cord of Ancient Wood] drops from any Draenor ancient in the quest area, like a Lumbering Ancient.

On complete, the Tune-O-Tron 5000 spawns next to Fix. Open the  [Stash of Dusty Music Rolls] to acquire the seven faction racial tunes:

There are many more to be found. Biggswrench lists a few hints, which are listed on the Garrison Jukebox article.


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