NeutralBringing the Big Guns
Start Baraat the Longshot
End Light's Judgment [31.4, 58.7]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +250 Army of the Light
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [45] Locating the Longshot
Next N [45] Lightly Roasted


Locate and secure Light's Judgment.


Light's Judgment has a security feature to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. We can trigger its recall mechanism, which will teleport it back to a vessel.

With the Xenedar out of commission, the gun should recall to your ship instead. You can make good use of its firepower.

The process takes time, though, and will likely attract the Legion's attention. Be on your guard.


You will receive: 19g 40s


<The panel is now pulsing a soft golden glow. According to Romuul, activating it should teleport the cannon to the Vindicaar.>



Light's Judgment mounted on the Vindicaar.

Light's Judgment found
Grand Artificer Romuul says: I have your coordinates, champion. It will take some time to calibrate the teleportation matrices. Keep it out of the Legion's hands until then!
Felforge Salvager says: Hey, that's ours! We saw it first!
Felforge Salvager says: Quickly, quickly! Someone tell the quartermaster!
Quartermaster Aikras says: This is quite a find. We'll be taking it from here!
The adventurer successfully defends the cannon.
Grand Artificer Romuul says: That should be it! Just activate the console one last time to complete the transfer. I will handle the rest!
Quest completion
A short cutscene plays, showing the cannon attaching itself to the Vindicaar and priming for action.


  1. B [45] The Hand of Fate
  2. B [45] Two If By Sea
  3. N [45] Light's Exodus
  4. N [45] The Vindicaar
  5. N [45] Into the Night
  6. N [45] Alone in the Abyss
  7. N [45] Righteous Fury & N [45] Overwhelming Power & N [45] A Stranger's Plea
  8. N [45] Vengeance
  9. N [45] Signs of Resistance
  10. N [45] The Prophet's Gambit
  11. N [45] Rendezvous
  12. N [45] From Darkness
  13. N [45] Threat Reduction & N [45] Prisoners No More
  14. N [45] A Strike at the Heart
  15. N [45] Return to the Vindicaar
  16. N [45] A Moment of Respite
  17. N [45] Gathering Light
  18. N [45] Crystals Not Included & N [45] The Best Prevention & N [45] A Grim Equation
  19. N [45] Fire At Will
  20. N [45] Locating the Longshot
  21. N [45] Bringing the Big Guns
  22. N [45] Lightly Roasted
  23. N [45] The Light Mother
  24. N [45] Light's Return
  25. N [45] The Child of Light and Shadow
  26. N [45] Essence of the Light Mother
  27. N [45] The Vindicaar Matrix Core
  28. N [45] An Offering of Light
  29. N [45] The Burning Heart — onwards to the Antoran Wastes

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