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Broken Cliffs

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The Broken Cliffs are an area in Antorus, the Burning Throne near the Den of Devourers where the Vindicaar docks after the surrounding threats have been dealt with.


High Exarch Turalyon yells: The Legion's ranks are crumbling, but they still outnumber us. My forces will keep them engaged here.
Alleria Windrunner yells: You will not be fighting alone, Turalyon. The demons will pay for every step... with their blood.
Magni Bronzebeard yells: Sargeras seeks ta corrupt the other titans! If we don't stop 'im, the Pantheon will be reborn in darkness. There's no time ta waste!
Illidan Stormrage yells: Striking at the heart of the Legion is futile until we take out their war machines. Unchecked, they will soon overwhelm us.
Archmage Khadgar yells: Agreed. We must cripple those infernal engines of destruction. Champions, use this teleporter to board the Vindicaar. On to our next target!