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Bron (goliath)

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Race Centurion (Mechanical)
Level 60 Normal / Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Ascended
Occupation Goliath
Location Bastion

Bron is a centurion goliath located in Bastion.


  • Ability bastion demonhunter.png  Hyperlight Beam — Fire a beam of energy 50 yards forwards, inflicting 40 Arcane damage to all enemies caught in the blast. 
  • Spell deathknight icetouch.png  Overhead Smash — Smash your fists down onto your enemy, inflicting 15 Physical damage. 
  • Spell chargepositive.png  Recharge — Heal yourself for 20% of your maximum health. 
  • Inv gizmo 02.png  Use Equipment — Activates your current equipment. 

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