Bronze Dragonshrine.

The Bronze Dragonshrine[72, 39] is a sandy, crater-like area northwest of Wintergarde Keep. This dragonshrine is a sacred place where Nozdormu himself is known to sit vigil among deceased dragons. It is an impossibly warm oasis compared to the chill of the surrounding Dragonblight, as if it's a preserved pocket of the past from a time when Northrend's climate was sunny and warm, or perhaps pulled from a future that has not yet come to pass.[1]

The dragonshrine is currently protected by a time storm preventing immortals from entering. Inside the Infinite Dragonflight are fighting the shrine's defenders and seek to control the sacred bronze dragon land. According to Penumbrius, the bronze dragonflight found proto-drakes at the dragonshrine.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, the Legion invades an area near the Bronze Dragonshrine, presumably with intent to control the shrine. They are successfully fended off by Eternos and the adventurer's followers.[2]



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The main entrance


In N [75] Mystery of the Infinite, the player will have to discover the Infinite Dragonflight's leader. Upon completing the quest's objective, the player will see a temporal Nozdormu, whom Chromie says (upon completion of the quest) is currently in direct conflict with Infinite Dragonflight forces.

End Time

Future Bronze Dragonshrine, as seen during End Time.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

During the events depicted in the End Time instance, the Hourglass of Time has been stolen and brought here. The winds are raging and the infinite dragon Murozond has made the dragonshrine his lair, awaiting anyone brave enough to survive the harsh conditions of a doomed world.




  • The Bronze Dragonshrine is the only shrine not to have a major part in the Deaths of Chromie scenario.

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