NeutralBrunnhildar Village
Brunnhildar Village2.jpg
Type Village
Race(s) Frost vrykulFrost vrykul Frost vrykul
Affiliation(s) Hyldnir, Zann'esu clan (formerly)
Location Storm Peaks[48.2, 69.2]
Status Active

Brunnhildar Village is a village situated above Snowblind Terrace and to the east of Sifreldar Village in the southern area of the Storm Peaks. It is inhabited by frost vrykul known as the Hyldnir. The Forlorn Mine is located to the north.

The society in the village is a strict matriarchy with male hyldnir being forced to work in the nearby mines.

The area was previously home to the Zann'esu clan, which went in search of a great magic to defeat the Lich King, a journey of which they have never returned from.[1]


While in this zone, and after completing a quest, adventurers are automatically under a buff that disguises them as a hyldnir.

Brunnhildar Village digsite

Storm Peaks

Brunnhildar Village Digsite @ 49,68

Brunnhildar Village is a vrykul archaeology dig site.


  • Brynhildr was one of the Valkyries in Norse Myth.


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