Brutal Armor

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HordeBrutal Armor
Start Thun'grim Firegaze
End Thun'grim Firegaze
Level 30 (Requires 20)
Category Warrior
Experience 3650
Previous H Warrior [20] Speak with Thun'grim
Next H Warrior [30] Brutal Hauberk


Bring to Thun'grim Firegaze 15 Smoky Iron Ingots, 10  [Powdered Azurite], 10 Iron Bars and a  [Vial of Phlogiston].

Provided Item:


I have heard tales of your strength and valor, and wish to make for you a suit of armor, a companion to aid you as tales of your great deeds grow.

But the fashioning of this armor will be a quest unto itself, <name>. I will need your help, and the help of other smiths of the Horde.

Here, take this scroll. I spent many nights, struggling with near-blind eyes, writing that which I need for the armor. Bring me the items on this scroll and I will create for you the first piece of the suit.


You will gain:


Do you have the items on my scroll, <name>?


You brought all that I asked. Now, I will do my part...


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