Build Your Barracks (Alliance)

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AllianceBuild Your Barracks

The Barracks blueprints
Start Baros Alexston [41.3, 49.5]
End Vindicator Maraad [44.1, 53.3]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 16800
Rewards 22g 80s
Previous A [90] Keeping it Together, A [90] Ship Salvage, A [90] Pale Moonlight
Next A [90] Qiana Moonshadow
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [90] Build Your Barracks.


The Architect Table UI
Sign off to finish the Barracks

Find the blueprints, learn the blueprints, and use the Architect Table to build your barracks.


I must say, commander, this garrison has really come along.

We have enough materials, all we need now are the blueprints I drafted up and I can begin construction on your barracks.

Hmm... now where did I put those blueprints?


You will receive:

  • 22g 80s
  • 16800 XP


The troops will sleep a lot better tonight.


How is the construction of the barracks coming along?


On accept
Baros Alexston says: I feel so relieved. Maybe I can actually do some stargazing tonight. That would be a nice change of pace.

Find the Garrison Blueprint: Barracks on the ground of the under-construction building to the north of Baros on the floor. Use the blueprints to actually learn the Barracks plans. Return to Alexston and use the architect table right next to him.

Interact with the architect table and choose the only available large plot, at the north end of the walled-in area. Select it and exit the UI.

Baros Alexston says: The barracks should take the men no time to complete at all. Follow me, commander.
Baros Alexston says: Most of our other buildings are going to take quite a while longer to construct.
Baros Alexston says: Go ahead and sign off whenever you're ready, sir.

Interact with the floating "Finalize Garrison Plot" object in front of Alexston.

Baros Alexston says: The barracks looks fantastic. You should go check in with Maraad. I'm going to hang out here and admire my handiwork.

After completing the quest, players gain the Call to Arms ability, which allows them to call upon the forces of the garrison to assault an area for 15 seconds.

On complete:

Vindicator Maraad says: With the barracks complete we can finally shelter all of these troops from this eternal night.


  1. A [90] Step Three: Prophet!
  2. A [90] Finding a Foothold
  3. A [90] For the Alliance!
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [90] Quakefist
  6. A [90] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. A [90] Build Your Barracks
  9. A [90] Qiana Moonshadow
  10. A [90] Delegating on Draenor

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