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NeutralBuild Your Own Raft

Your Raft
Start Jay Cloudfall [51.5, 76.9]
End Jay Cloudfall [51.5, 76.9]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 32000
Rewards 1g 2s
Previous N [87] Sudden, Unexpected Crocolisk Aggression
Next N [87] The Lorewalker on the Lake


Spare Planks

Obtain 4 Spare Planks and some Tough Kelp.


Tough Kelp

<Jay looks off in the direction of Kea Krak.>

Hmm. They don't seem to be... calming down. We're going to have to try something different.

You'll need a raft. Go grab some wood planks and seaweed, and bring them over to me. I'll put something together for you.


You will receive: 1g 2s


You got the stuff? I'll build your raft, I just need materials.


<Jay deftly weaves the planks together into a surprisingly seaworthy-looking vessel, then tosses them down into water below.>


  • 32000 XP


Plenty of Spare Planks next to John Shin on the beach. Pick up four:

John Shin says: I heard the crocs are attacking because of an ancient mogu curse.

The kelp is near the southern tip of the Marista island, next to Leni Kelpenstout. Loot it:

Leni Kelpenstout says: I say just let the crocolisks come. They'll stop attacking eventually. Why interfere?


  1. N [87] Sudden, Unexpected Crocolisk Aggression
  2. N [87] Build Your Own Raft
  3. N [87] The Lorewalker on the Lake
  4. N [87] Wisdom Has A Price
  5. N [87] Balance

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