Stonehearth Bunker in Alterac Valley.

Dwarf bunker model (left) part of the dwarf structure kit used in the Alterac Pass battleground in Heroes of the Storm.

Bunkers are defensive structures built by various races.


Several bunkers are situated in Alterac Valley:

While not called bunkers, other similar dwarven outposts can also be found at:

Dwarven Bunkers are also available in alternate Draenor. They can be found at Moira's Bastion, Stormshield, Admiral Taylor's Garrison and possibly Lunarfall.


A draenei bunker.

Draenei bunkers can be dropped by the Vindicaar.[1] The Army of the Light also makes use of them, and many were dropped by the Xenedar before its crash in Krokuun.[2] They serve as drop pods, escape pods, and teleporters. A row of them can be found on the lower deck of the Vindicaar, and can often be used to get back on the ship from Argus.


Orc burrows are sometimes also called bunkers.[3][4]

Ashran and Tanaan Jungle

One of Vol'mar's two bunkers.

On alternate Draenor, the Alliance and the Horde utilize similar-looking bunkers on both Ashran and in their Tanaan Jungle outposts, Vol'mar for the Horde and Lion's Watch for the Alliance.