Bunny triggers

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A screenshot showing some Bunny Triggers in Deadmines

Bunny is a term used for various invisible triggers found in World of Warcraft. However while they are called "bunnies", as of Battle for Azeroth most are invisible with no ModelID assigned to them. They were previously mostly invisible rabbits, infernals, imps, or chickens.

If you manage to target a bunny other players will see your target as something else. For example, while targeting Summon Enabler Stalker your target to other players shows as Crime Scene Alarm-o-Bot. Most bunnies cannot be interacted with in any way, they cannot be attacked, mind controlled etc.

Vehicles such as cannons in Deadmines appear to be secret bunnies.

Not all bunnies are triggers (Anchorite Relic Bunny).



  • Archmage Nakada is aware of the presence of the bunny triggers.
  •  [Kaja'Cola] can give goblins the idea of creating invisible bunnies.