The Burlap Trail.

The Burlap Trail is a grummle trading path stretching across central Kun-Lai Summit from Grummle Bazaar to the Kota Basecamp. Several hozen tribes inhabit the trail: the Broketooth, Knucklethump, and Ookin, all of which have been preying on grummle caravans.

From the Grummle Bazaar, the trail heads west to One Keg, then north of Camp Broketooth and the mouth of The Deeper, and south of Knucklethump Hole to reach the Burlap Waystation. From there, the trail passes north of the Broketooth Outpost and south of the Dooker Dome to finally reach the Kota basecamp.

The Sha of Anger has two spawn points on the Burlap Trail, one immediately to the southwest of the Burlap Waystation, the other just southwest of One Keg.


The burlap trail may have been named after the Silk Road, an important trading route in ancient China.

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