Burning Blade Ruins

The Burning Blade Ruins are the ruins of the Burning Blade's ancestral village Hallvalor,[1] located in the southeastern corner of Nagrand, northeast of Kil'sorrow Fortress. Currently, the Ruins are inhabited by the Boulderfist clan of ogres, led by Lantresor of the Blade. Above the ruins, the ogres built an ogre mound.

Burning Blade Digsite

Burning Blade Digsite map.jpg

The Burning Blade Ruins are an orc archaeology dig site.

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  1. ^ Blizzard Entertainment Nethaera 2014-08-05. Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Nagrand. Retrieved on 2017-06-08.​ “Hallvalor—which became the ogre-inhabited Burning Blade Ruins in Outland—is super cool; we get to see more of the backstory of the Burning Blade clan, which we haven’t gotten to show before.

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