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Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Durotar, Burning Blade
Occupation Chief warrior, advisor to the Warchief
Former occupation(s) Slave
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Burx was a chief warrior in the Horde and Thrall's closest advisor[1] in the years after the Battle for Mount Hyjal. Burx was also secretly a member of the Burning Blade cult, not out of disrespect for his Warchief but rather out of an intense hatred for humans.


Burx grew up a slave during the orcish internment. He was not placed in an internment camp, but instead worked at a human estate where his owners continually beat him, taunted him, defecated on him, and then forced him to do even more degrading tasks while laughing at him. This experience made Burx extremely resentful of humanity, to the point that he thought that they were worse than the demons who had brought the Old Horde to Azeroth in the first place. From his point of view, although the Burning Legion had used the orcs, they had at least never humiliated them.[2]

After being liberated by Thrall and fighting in the Third War, Burx eventually joined the Burning Blade, enticed by the demon Zmodlor's promises that the cult would try to kill every human on Kalimdor. In reality, Zmodlor hoped to cause the humans and orcs to exterminate each other and had recruited many humans into another branch of the Blade, making similar promises to them about killing all of the orcs.[2]

When Zmodlor's human puppet, Kristoff, found himself on Theramore's throne following the disappearance of Jaina Proudmoore, he ordered Northwatch Hold reinforced, even though a buildup of soldiers at Northwatch would be viewed as an act of aggression by the Horde. Thrall was told of the influx of troops at Northwatch, and Burx (on orders from Zmodlor) convinced Thrall to send him to investigate, and to give him command of an army of at least six hundred.[2][3] Between them, Zmodlor's two dupes succeeded in starting another conflict between orcs and humans, as when Burx arrived at Northwatch he gave the humans an ultimatum: either dismantle the entire keep and vacate the land in one hour, or be slaughtered.

An hour later, when Burx's terms had not been met, he gave the order to attack. Fortunately for all concerned, Thrall heard what had happened from Jaina and headed for the scene aboard a zeppelin. Once there, he immediately stopped the battle and denounced Burx. Burx angrily protested that he was only acting in the Horde's interest. For his treachery, for consorting with a demon, and after he tried to strike down the human commander Davin with his axe despite the battle being over, Thrall smashed his skull with the Doomhammer on the spot.


  • "To wipe out the humans, I'd make a deal with a thousand demons! They gotta be destroyed!" – Last words
  • "You have brought disgrace to Durotar, Burx. You have caused the dishonorable deaths of orc and troll and human warrior alike. This blight can only be eliminated by your death. As Warchief, it is my solemn duty to carry out that sentence." – Thrall's final words to Burx


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