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For the Vision of Orgrimmar version, see Bwemba (Vision of Orgrimmar).
Image of Bwemba
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkspear Trolls
Occupation Spirit-talker, Darkspear delegate[1]
Location Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar; Stormwind Harbor, Stormwind City[26.3, 29.4]VZ-Stormwind CityBlip; Darkspear Embassy, Dazar'alor
Status Alive
Bwemba in Org

In the Valley of Spirits.

Bwemba (Durotar)

In Durotar.

Bwemba is a jungle troll found in Stormwind Harbor in Stormwind City with Darkspear Warriors for the Alliance and in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar for the Horde.



Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

She informs both Alliance and Horde adventurers about the Zandalari uniting the troll tribes and binds her spirit to them so she may instruct when they go to Stranglethorn to find the other Darkspear Emissary. She first sends Alliance adventurers to Fort Livingston and Horde adventurers to Bambala, which has come under attack by serpents, aids the adventurer in fighting them back and discovers that they were sent by High Priest Venoxis.

Bwemba follows as adventurers head to enlist the aid of Nesingwary's Expedition only to discover that the camp is being stalked by the panther Mauti. After Mauti kidnaps Grent Direhammer a chase ensues in which adventurers find and kill Mauti in her cave. Having a feeling that something wasn't right with the panther, Bwemba performs rituals over the body and discovers that it was sent by High Priestess Kilnara. Kilnara's spirit then asks them why they killed her cat before saying that Stranglethorn belongs to the Gurubashi and vanishing. After witnessing Grent's last request, she sends adventurers to the Rebel Camp (Alliance) or Grom'gol Base Camp (Horde).

Adventurers and Bwemba discover the camp is under attack by trolls under the command of Bloodlord Mandokir after successfully beating back the trolls. The flight master informs Bwemba that her contact has already headed out to the Explorers' League Digsite and the Hardwrench Hideaway, for the Alliance and Horde respectively. After arriving they discover that the town has become overrun by zombies. After returning the citizens to normal it is discovered that Zanzil the Outcast, who has rejoined the Gurubashi, was responsible for the chaos. Bwemba then instructs adventurers to head to Booty Bay where they meet the second Darkspear Emissary, Vol'jin, personally warning Baron Revilgaz about the Gurubashi.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Bwemba attended a dinner with the Horde leaders after the defeat of the Burning Legion.[2][3]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Bwemba can be found at the Darkspear Embassy in Dazar'alor. Though she had never been to Zandalar before, her grandfather used to tell her stories of it. The very wind is alive with power of the loa, and she can feel Pa'ku soaring somewhere in the skies.

Bwemba later assisted Master Gadrin in summoning the spirit of Vol'jin near his funeral pyre outside of Orgrimmar.[4]

The adventurer can fight her alternate-self in the Vision of Orgrimmar in the Valley of Spirits. She is keeping Zamja, Xen'to, and Batamsi hexed.


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Are you here to aid da Darkspear, <class>?

Stormwind Harbor

I be an emissary from da Darkspear trolls. Da threat we face, also be a threat to da Alliance. You willin' to help out da Darkspear, <race>?

  • How can Bwemba aid ya?
  • Bwemba be watchin' you, young one.
  • Spirit walkin' be taxin' work.
  • My spirit be watchin' over ya, <name>.

The very wind here be alive with da power of da loa. Pa'ku soars somewhere in dese skies. I can feel her presence.

I never be settin' foot on Zandalar before, but me old gran'fatha' used ta tell me stories of dis place.


Vision of Orgrimmar
Ya gonna join da rest of da frogs!


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Judging by her attire and the fact that she assisted Master Gadrin in summoning the Spirit of Vol'jin, she may be a witch doctor.

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