Bwemba's Spirit (Horde)

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HordeBwemba's Spirit
Start Bwemba [32, 68]
End Bwemba
Level 85
Category Rise of the Zandalari
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous H [85] The Zandalari Menace (optional)


Warn the people of Stranglethorn and find the other Darkspear emissary.

  • Help Bwemba Find the Darkspear Emissary


Dese be troublin' times for us Darkspear. Da Zandalar be reuniting all da troll clans and plan to take back da lands dey lost.

We tryin' to warn all dat we can. But it might be too late.

Another Darkspear gone down to Stranglethorn to warn da people. But it ain't safe to travel alone in Stranglethorn.

Help me find him and make sure da people in Stranglethorn are warned of da rise of da troll tribes.

I gonna bind my spirit wit' ya. When you get to Stranglethorn, I be able to aid ya.


Dis won't be no easy task, <name>.


Dere ya have it, <name>. It look like we gonna lead an assault on da Gurubashi in Zul'Gurub.

Dese be dire times for us Darkspear. But dey be even more dire for da Zandalar. Dey goin' too fair.

Ya been good to Bewmba, hopefully ya gonna continue to help out all of Stranglethorn.

Spirits be wit' ya, <name>.


Pick up H [85] To Bambala before heading out. Either take the zeppelin or fly down to Bambala, which is just outside Zul'Gurub. The camp is besieged by level 83 Jungle Serpents and the flight master, Raskha has been poisoned! After landing, Bwemba's spirit appears, hovering, following the player around. Bwemba will continue to follow the player around until H [85] Making Contact is completed.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] The Troll Incursion / H [85] The Zandalari Menace

  1. B [85] Bwemba's Spirit
  2. A [85] To Fort Livingston / H [85] To Bambala
  3. B [85] Serpents and Poison
  4. B [85] Spirits Are With Us
  5. B [85] Nesingwary Will Know
  6. B [85] Track the Tracker
  7. B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
  8. B [85] Follow that Cat
  9. B [85] Mauti
  10. B [85] How's the Hunter Holding Up?
  11. B [85] Bury Me With Me Boots...
  12. A [85] Warn the Rebel Camp / H [85] Warn Grom'gol
  13. A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp / H [85] Defend Grom'gol
  14. A [85] To the Digsite / H [85] To Hardwrench Hideaway
  15. B [85] Voodoo Zombies
  16. B [85] Bad Supplies
  17. A [85] Making Contact / H [85] Making Contact
  18. N [35H] Booty Bay's Interests
  19. N [85H] A Shiny Reward

Patches and hotfixes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-04-29): The quest Bwemba’s Spirit should no longer complete prematurely for select players when others nearby start the quest event with their spirit version of Bwemba.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): Added.

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