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By Demons be Driven
Location The Barrens, bordering Felfire Hill, Ashenvale

Horde and Alliance victory

  • Death of Mannoroth and Hellscream



Burning Legion

Commanders and leaders



Burning Legion

Casualties and losses


  • Heavy

Burning Legion

  • Very heavy
Previous The Oracle
Next The Death of Hellscream
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

By Demons Be Driven is the Chapter 8 and the final chapter of the Invasion of Kalimdor campaign. This is the final mission in the orc campaign. It also marks the first time in which the orcs and the humans sided with each other against a common foe.

Loading screen[]

Three days later, near the edge of the Barrens...



By Demons Be Driven Map

(The area in the northwest is the canyon seen in the closing cinematic and cannot be reached during the mission.)


Main Quests[]

Availablequest BTNHellScream Hellscream[]

  • Capture Grom in the Soul Gem
  • Bring Grom to Jaina's Ritual Circle

Hellscream has given himself over to the Legion's control. You must find him and trap his spirit within Jaina's Soul Gem. Bring the Soul Gem to Jaina's Ritual Circle, where a combined effort might save Grom from the Demons' influence.



IconSmall Cairne Cairne Bloodhoof: If the prophet was correct, then the Warsong encampment lies just over the ridge. We should ready ourselves for battle.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: I know, Cairne. It's just that I never thought I'd live to see the day... when I had to fight my own people.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: Just remember, Thrall, with this soul gem you can capture your friend Hellscream's spirit without hurting him. But you need to bring it back to my base immediately, so we can free Grom from the demons' control.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: I... appreciate your help, Miss Proudmoore. Yet another day I thought I'd never live to see.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: That makes two of us. I'll return to my base and aid you as best I can. Good luck... gentlemen.
Jaina runs back to her base.
IconSmall Cairne Cairne Bloodhoof: The spirits rage around you, young warchief. They sense your anguish... your grief.
Thrall and Cairne begin to run over to the orc base.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Hellscream is like a brother to me, Cairne. But he and his clan have fallen under the demons' influence. If I can't save him, then my people might be damned for all time.

During the Mission[]

  • IconSmall ChaosOrc Male Chaos Grunt: You are the humans' lapdog! We serve only the Legion now!
  • IconSmall ChaosOrc Male Chaos Grunt: Chaos shall reign!
IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: Thrall! The skies are burning!
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: This is no natural storm! Blessed ancestors... Everyone brace yourselves!

Infernals fall from the sky and start running down the ridge towards the bases!

IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Fight on, my warriors! We must reach Hellscream before it's too late!
  • IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: We're under heavy attack, we need help immediately!
  • IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: The demons are back! Send reinforcements, quick!
  • IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore: Were being overrun! Help us, please!
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Grom! You've got come with me!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: And where would you lead me, boy? Destiny is at hand! Lord Mannoroth is our master now.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Who? You're not talking sense!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: Ah, Thrall. You always believed that the demons corrupted our race, but that's only half true. We gave ourselves up willingly on Draenor! The other chieftains and I... we drank Mannoroth's blood, Thrall. We brought this curse upon ourselves!
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: You did this... to our people... knowingly? Arrrgghhh!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: You have to do better than that, little brother!
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Spirits help me! We'll have to go back and try to capture Hellscream again!


At Jaina's base, the priests and shaman use spells to purify the captured Grom of the demons' influence. Eventually, Grom becomes normal again, shrinking back to his normal size and returning to his regular green skin color.

IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Grom?
IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream: Thrall... I see clearly now. I'm... sorry. I am so sorry.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: To hell with your apologies! Right now, I need you to help me save our people!
IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream: Mannoroth... We must face Mannoroth in the canyon.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Then let's go. I don't want to keep the bastard waiting.

The battle[]

Thrall, Cairne Bloodhoof, and Jaina Proudmoore met in preparation for their joint assault on the corrupted Warsong Clan. Thrall was very uneasy about all of this, as not only would he be fighting his own people, but he would be working with the humans too. Jaina gave Thrall a magical Soul Gem which would allow him to capture Grom Hellscream without harming him. Once Hellscream was subdued, they would be able to purge him of the demonic corruption. Jaina then left to take charge of her own forces nearby. Thrall confided in Cairne that he feared if Grom couldn't be saved, then the orcish race may be doomed.

The battle soon began as Horde and Alliance soldiers clashed with the Warsong clan. The Warsong orcs did not give ground easily. The demonic corruption had given them enhanced strength and endurance. It had also stripped them of any qualms about killing their own brethren. Nevertheless, while Alliance troops held the Warsong advance, Thrall's forces attacked and pushed their way through, rescuing a number of captive Trolls along the way.

While the battle raged on, the skies suddenly turned red and caught fire. Infernals came crashing down onto the battlefield inflicting heavy damage on the Alliance and Horde forces. The demonic invasion of Kalimdor had begun. Despite this, Thrall fought on determined to reach Hellscream at all cost.

After defeating Hellscream's cadre of Doomguards, Felhounds, and orcish Warlocks, Thrall confronted Grom himself. Thrall pleaded with Grom to surrender and come with him. Grom refused and declared that Mannoroth was the master of the orcs now. Thrall didn't understand what Grom was talking about. Grom then revealed that the Legion had corrupted the orcs because they had been allowed to do so. Back on Draenor, Grom and the other Chieftains willingly drank Mannoroth's blood and knowingly condemned themselves to be slaves of the Burning Legion. Thrall was enraged by this revelation and attacked Hellscream. After a desperate struggle, Thrall managed to regain control of himself and used Jaina's Soul Gem to capture Grom. He then returned to Jaina.

Thrall's shamans and Jaina's priests successfully purged Grom of the demonic influence. Now freed of the demons' control, Grom was ashamed of his recklessness and tried to apologize to Thrall. Thrall, however, was in no mood for apologies. He needed Grom to help him save their people. Grom told him that Mannoroth was waiting for them in a nearby canyon. Thrall replied that they had best go and confront the demon lord, as he didn't want to "keep the bastard waiting."


The Infernals come periodically, along with occasional attacks from Grom. Jaina can defend her own base, you need only worry about yourself. Make sure to always have units on defense incase the infernals attack. First clear away creeps between your base and Grom's. After this send Wyverns around Grom's base to clear away the demons guarding Grom. Give the soul gem and any health boosting items to Cairne. Have him and some Grunts (or other meat shields) run through Grom's base. Catch Grom in the soul gem and run back to Jaina's circle.


Horde-Alliance coalition
Burning Legion

Notes and trivia[]

  • The name of the scenario is a reference to "By Demons Be Driven," a song by Pantera.
  • It is to be noted that, while Warsong clan-affiliated jungle trolls appeared in The Hunter of Shadows, in this map the Warsong orcs subdued their Darkspear brethren and put them into cages. These cages can be attacked to release troll headhunters and witch doctors.
  • An unused witch doctor unit named Mil'janza was set in the game files to appear on this map, but was never implemented.
  • To more easily randomize item distribution between levels without awarding duplicates, the developer of this map created an unfinished trigger that implemented a "handy-dandy Magic Box item/unit bonus randomizer."[1]