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Forsaken Freewill 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Why do Alliance soldiers raised by the Forsaken immediately become loyal to the Forsaken if they have free will?


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Question categories


Questions about lore characters and/or NPCs found in the Warcraft universe
Character Rating Question
Aessina Is Aessina the matron of the dryads and does she have any relationship with Cenarius?
Aggonis and Aggonar Why does Aggonis, a Mo'arg, calls Aggonar, a Annihilan, his father?
Al'ar 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Was Al'ar a true god or was it just a title, and if it was a god, how did Kael'thas get a god as a pet?
Arkkoroc 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Was Arkkoroc a real sea giant god/king or just a very vain sea giant?
Arko'narin What happened to Arko'narin and her blade, Lightforge?
Awbee 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What happened to Awbee after we encounter him in Blackrock Spire?
Baine Bloodhoof Is Baine Bloodhoof a Warrior/Sunwalker, or more like his father, Cairne, which was a Warrior/Shaman?
Blacknails 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Who was Blacknails, the character that supplied Edwin VanCleef with supplies?
Bolvar Fordragon 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What exactly happened to Bolvar at the Wrathgate to leave him in a state we see him during Lich King fight? Some speculate that he died from Forsaken's plague and was then resurrected by dragon's flame or maybe the dragon's fire left him in a state of something between life and death.
Bolvar Fordragon Was Bolvar effected by Sylvanas fracture in the Frozen Throne?
Bor Who or what is Bor, mentioned throughout Northrend?
Cyrukh 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Is Cyrukh the Firelord Draenor's equivalent of Ragnaros? - question marked for removal
Cyrukh/Ragnaros 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Is there a connection between Cyrukh and Ragnaros, assuming that Ragnaros is the force that the Redeemed Spirit of Fire (in the quest The Cipher of Damnation) refers to? Both are related to summoned volcanoes. - question marked for removal
Darkfire 02Silverstarsm.png Who is or was Darkfire? He is only mentioned by quotes of Sethekk cultists. Might he be the Old God that was mentioned in the Ask CDev #1, that the Sethekk follow, called "master of all arakkoa" or the "ancient and powerful evil".
Deathwing Was the duty of the Earthwarder (Neltharion/Deathwing) to watch over the Elemental Plane, much like the duty of the Dreamer (Ysera) is to watch over the Emerald Dream?
Deathwing Why didn't Deathwing completely destroy Stormwind City?
Drenden What happened to Drenden that made him no longer a member of the Council of Six?
Elune 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What's the relation between Elune and the water elementals, the Abyssal Maw and Neptulon the Tidehunter? In the Darkshore quest after releasing water elementals from the Hammer control using the  [Orb of Elune] they state "the tides follow Elune", ad there is that strange fountain that is activated by night elf keystones, also unlike the other elemental lords Neptulon carries a more "humble" title Hunter, instead of the more authoritative mother and lord the other carry.
Elune/Goldrinn In the past Elune reprimanded Goldrinn for his extreme feral aggression (something described as having only made it worse). How come nowadays she is basically telling Tyrande to listen to Goldrinn and his champion?
D'Sak 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Where is Twilight Lord D'Sak? He was the author of all the texts hold by the Twilight Hammer at Silithus, and seemed a pretty important member of the cult.
Frost nymph queen 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png Who's the queen of the frost nymphs that Lurielle mentions?
Galakrond 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Can you tell us more about Galakrond? - question marked for removal
Garrosh After Thrall was rescued from the Lost Isles, he gives something to the player to hand to Garrosh. Upon seeing it, Garrosh turned pale. Why did Garrosh have this reaction? Some have taken this to mean Garrosh betrayed Thrall to the Alliance.
Garrosh Does Garrosh know that the Forsaken are still using the plague and is simply turning a blind eye, or is he completely unaware?
Gryan Stoutmantle 02Silverstarsm.png What did Gryan Stoutmantle do during the First, Second, and Third Wars? Was he just a typical soldier, or was there anything more to him?
Guardian of the Frostmourne 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why did the Guardian of the Frostmourne wanted to protect Arthas from Frostmourne? Even trough Metzen said in a interview that the answer was in Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, there was no such thing there.
Hakkar the Houndmaster 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What demonic race is Hakkar the Houndmaster? He is described as a huge flaming skeletal knight, with a horned skull.
Halduron Brightwing Is Halduron really going to get away with directly disobeying Lor'themar?
Halford Ramsey 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened to Halford Ramsey after the Battle of Gilneas?
Illidan Stormrage 02Silverstarsm.png How did Illidan come to have any knowledge about Lady Vashj and her naga, and how did he know how to contact them? He was imprisoned for ten thousand years, and the night elves were unaware of their existence until after he summoned them.
Illidan Stormrage In the Well of Eternity instance, how did Illidan acquire a vial full of the Well's waters to use to protect the party against fire damage before he ever canonically got the chance to fill his vials?
Isiden Perenolde 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened to Isiden Perenolde in Gilneas and did he turn into a worgen?
Iso'rath 02Silverstarsm.png What do Earthmender Duarn mean when he called Iso'rath an old god-bred abomination? Some think he is the child of an Old God.
Jaina Proudmoore 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why did Jaina, the sovereign ruler of a Theramore, call Varian, a foreign head of state, "My king" in Icecrown Citadel?
Jarod Shadowsong For several thousand years, Jarod managed to stay secluded from society. How did he manage to stay hidden all that time, considering he was a top general and his sister was head of an organization skilled at tracking?
Jastor Gallywix 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why did Thrall appoint Gallywix as racial leader after he tried to kill him?
Kash'drakor 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What the story with Kash'drakor?
Krol Will we ever find out what happened to Krol, the ogre who was put in charge of all the old Horde ogre clans?
Lorena 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened with Cycle of Hatred's Lorena and her crew? There were a lot of named soldiers, privates and colonels in that novel, and none of them has ever appeared in-game. Lorena was said to be Jaina's favorite colonel, and even helped her and Aegwynn defeat Zmodlor.
Lo'Vellian/Vor'Illian 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What did the twins Lo'Vellian & Vor'Illian do in the War of the Ancients and how did they receive their swords Shalla'tor and Ellemayne?
Maiev Shadowsong 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened to Maiev between killing Illidan and returning to Night elf society, and how long did it take?
Maiev Shadowsong 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Is Maiev's "Betrayal" in Wolfheart (something that only the major Alliance leaders and those involved seem to know about) now general knowledge among Darnassian population or is it purely something that only those directly involved are aware of?
Millhouse Manastorm Was Millhouse Manastorm really killed in the Stonecore, or will he be making another appearance in the future? - question marked for removal
Modgud 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why did the death of Modgud, a simple sorceress, cause so much disaster? It spread an evil taint throughout Grim Batol making it uninhabitable to the Wildhammer dwarves for years, turned the Dark Irons there into reptile abominations known as the Skardyn, and somehow stone troggs from Grim Batol use a curse with her name. - question marked for removal
Morbent Fell During the Civil War in the Plaguelands at W3:TFT, we defeated a lich under the command of Balnazzar, named Morbent Fell. In World of Warcraft we meet a necromancer in Duskwood named Morbent Fel. Are they the same person? If so, does he still serve the Burning Legion?
Murmur 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What the heck is Murmur? The Codex of Blood states he's able to destroy worlds with a whisper and his shape is very similar to Azeroth's elemental lords and princes?
Mur'og What the story with Stone Guard Mur'og?
O'ros 02Silverstarsm.png What can you tell us about the Naaru O'ros? He cannot be fought and has nothing to do with the lore save for a children's week quest.
Ptah 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Who is Earthrager Ptah and is he the remains of the titan that fell against C'Thun?
Puzik Gallywix 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Is Grand Foreman Puzik Gallywix in any way related to Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix?
Rin'ji What exactly was Rin'ji's secret (what was on the tablet)?
Rokaro 02Silverstarsm.png What did Rokaro in Shadowprey Village do to get Rexxar's old spot as Champion of the Horde?
Saruan 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What happens to Vindicator Saruan of the Triumvirate of the Hand? Sironas said she turned him into an abomination, but we never see him again.
Schnottz 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Who is Commander Schnottz? The quests in Uldum are surprisingly vague.
Sylvanas Val'kyr 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Who are Sylvanas' four remaining Val'kyr and where has she hidden them?
Tharbek 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened with Tharbek? You told us Varok Saurfang was the second in command of Orgrim Doomhammer, but the novel Tides of Darkness gives Tharbek that position.
Therazane 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png In the Elemental Bonds questline, Therazane mentions that she remembers love, who did she fall in love with, and was he the the father of her children, Theradras, Ozruk and the Stone Lords?
Thrall Why was Thrall seen riding a Black wolf in WC III? (Thralls wolf companion Snowsong is known for having snow white fur and this was the usual colour for the farseer mount in WC III).
Thrall 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Should we assume Thrall was a bit younger than his original stated age in the Warcraft III manual at the time of those events? The timeline doesn't quite match up otherwise.
Thrall 01Silverhalfstarsm.png In the elemental bonds quest-line why do the elementals call Thrall the Orc-father?
Thrall What happened to Thrall being the Chief of the Frostwolf Clan?
Tyrigosa 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why does Tyrigosa have the title "Princess of the Blue Dragonflight"? Some assume she is the daughter of Malygos.
Tyrigosa/Kalecgos 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Is Kalecgos still betrothed to Tyrigosa? - question marked for removal
Varian Wrynn Is Varian still split mentally? As in, the Lo'gosh/Goldrinn part of his personality, and his more levelheaded one.
Vashj What was the true plan of the naga (Queen Azshara) when Lady Vashj supported Illidan?
Windrunner dynasty 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Did Sylvanas and Vareesa meet in Dalaran?
Zalashji 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What was Zalashji's original purpose and what happened to him?
Zoe Apart from the flavor text on the archaeology artifact “Word of Empress Zoe”, is there any other information on this character (for example, during what period did she live, where was her seat, etc?)
Miscellaneous 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Will we see the wild dwarf and high elf characters of Legends' two part story Warrior: Divided and Warrior: United around Hinterlands? You know, Kardan, Keers, Mastran, Mozza, Ravic, Voldana... and finally the two human twins that are protagonist to both stories.
Icon-RPG.png Nath 02Silverstarsm.png Is Nath a real god?
Icon-RPG.png Nath Is Nath related to the Gronn?
Icon-RPG.png Sargeras 01Silverhalfstarsm.png If the entity Aegwynn fought in Northrend was the Avatar of Sargeras, does that mean that Sargeras's real body is still out there somewhere in the nether, separated from his spirit or is that avatar she buried on Azeroth his real body, just reduced in power?


Questions about the races within the Warcraft universe, such as humans, orcs, and trolls.
Races Rating Question
Aqir 02Silverstarsm.png What did the aqir look like before splitting into Azjol-Nerub and Ahn'Qiraj and adapting into their new environments?
Bogstrok sapience 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are Bogstrok sapient?
Bogstrok/Lobstrok/Makrura relations 02Silverstarsm.png Are Bogstrok related to the Makrura or Lobstroks in any way?
Darkfallen/San'layn 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What is the difference, if anything, between the Darkfallen and the San'layn? Are the San'layn a/the faction of Darkfallen, as is implied?
Darkfallen/San'layn 02Silverstarsm.png After the fall of The Lich King are there any San'layn alive? - question marked for removal
Drakonid 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are the drakonid a sustained draconic species to themselves, converted mortals a la worgen or perhaps a combination of both?
Dwarf, Frost What is the nature of the blue skin on the Frostborn?
Dwarf, Dark Iron Are the majority of the Dark Iron Dwarves loyal to Moira or are most of them Twilight cultists?
Elf eyes A more lighthearted question but why do you insist on portraying Elves with irises?
Elf, Blood We saw in the Eversong Woods that some of the blood elves still supported the Alliance. How widespread was this feeling?
Elf, Blood What are the blood elves feelings towards the Forsaken, especially after Sylvanas blackmailed them as seen in Lor'themar's short story?
Elf, Highborne 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Can we expect to see the Highborne play a more prominent role in the lore and will we see any evolution on Eldre'thalas and Estulan in particular?
Elf, Night In Wolfheart we discovered that Malfurion deliberately declined the Night Elves a return to immortality. How has his decision affected their society?
Elf, Night Why were the night elves spying on the blood elves in Eversong Woods?
Ethereals 02Silverstarsm.png Since the Ethereals are divided into multiple political factions in game, would any of them consider joining the Alliance or Horde and which would they be more apt to join?
Flamewaker and Naga 02Silverstarsm.png Are Flamewakers and Naga related? They both share reptilian qualities and are associated with the Elements.
Forsaken Allies 02Silverstarsm.png In Warcraft 3, Sylvanas had 5 possessed allies that she used to control groups. We know what happened to Mug'thol (Rebelled and Killed) and Snarlmane (Killed, Converted to Scourge and Killed). But what happened to the other 3: Bandit Lord Blackthorn, Warlord Zul'rogg and the Murloc Puddle Lord?
Forsaken Ports 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Garrosh ordered Sylvanas to attack Gilneas in order to acquire the Horde a port in the Eastern Kingdoms. What was stopping the Forsaken from either rebuilding Lordaeron's former ports or building new ones along their ample coastline?
Furbolg 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The Furbolg tribes of Blackwood, Thistlefur and Stillpine are helped by Alliance members, the Foulweald are almost destroyed by the Horde, and the Timbermaw are neutral. Will the support by the Alliance and hostility by the Horde make the Furbolg race more Alliance leaning and will we see any furbolg plot development in the future?
Frost nymph 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png We know that the frost nymphs are dryads (or related to them), however in the Warcraft magazine issue 5 there is no mention of nymphs and only of frost and forest subtypes of dryads (dryads splits in to "forest" and "frost" with no details). The question is, are frost nymphs just frost dryads and is "nymphs" the same as dryads like when the gilgoblins are called gilblins?
Giant, Stone 02Silverstarsm.png The titans made 5 giant races, however throughout Azeroth we find many more types of giants that are very similar to some that the titans created, the question is, are the frost giants, mountain giants, molten giants and colossi variations of the Stone giant race?
Gnomes, Sand 02Silverstarsm.png What are sand gnomes? They appear in the Bone Wastes for no reason and an archeologist was looking for them in Silithus.
Grell-like 02Silverstarsm.png There is a huge variety of Grell-like creatures, trickster creatures with small stature often associated with different types of magic, what are they an if they are related or just a group of creatures that can be explained by convergent evolution? These are all noticed creatures that are grell-like and their associated magic: The fey Grell associated with nature magic, the demonic Imps associated with fel magic, Sprites associated with various types of natural and dark magics, the demonic Flamekin associated with fire magic, the elemental Firekin associated with the Firelands, and finally the magically-created Homunculus which are frowned by the Kirin Tor.
Half-breeds Is there any limitation to the types of half-breeds that can be conceived?
Harpy 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png How do Harpies breed? We have yet to see any male members of their race, and a lot of conspicuous rumours about the nature of their breeding.
Human, Grizzly Hills 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Where do the trapper communities in the Grizzly Hills originally come from?
Human, Northrend 02Silverstarsm.png Where was the village of the Northrend humans Ner'zhul killed off before the War of the Spider, were there any survivors, and where did they originally come from?
Human, Stormwind Will Stormwind’s culture be portrayed more in lore?
Human, Uldum 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Where did the various ancient human ghosts in Uldum come from? The nearby Wastewander humans from Tanaris are recent additions to Uldum.
Quilboar, Albino 02Silverstarsm.png What are the Albino Quilboars in Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us?
Naga Naga appear to be very well organized, very numerous and an extremely powerful race on an individual basis. Where they have failed so far on the surface it only seems due to the fact that they are skirmishes/detached war parties. So, how much of a threat are the naga's forces?
Orc, Dire 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What are the Dire orcs?
Orc peons 02Silverstarsm.png Are Orc Peons slaves to the horde?
Orc skin 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Why do orcs from the Blackrock, Black Tooth Grin and Dragonmaw Clans have grey skin colour? A paragraph in ToW doesn't really clarify if its either due to genetics or years spent in the dark or both.
Sporeloks and Sporelings 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Sporeloks and Sporelings seem to have a different color and habitat, are they different races/sub-races?
Titan Did the Titans ever visit Outland or Argus?
Trolls 02Silverstarsm.png Will Vol'jin or Garrosh recruit more troll tribes to the horde? Besides the Revantusk and the Shatterspear. - question marked for removal
Troll, Dark Will there ever be the re-emergence of the Dark trolls in the future? They were last seen in Mount Hyjal in Warcraft 3 but were inexplicably missing in Cataclysm's Hyjal.
Vrykul, Frost 02Silverstarsm.png What is the nature of the blue skin on various Vrykul?
Vrykul material 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Prior to the Curse of Flesh, of what material were the vrykul composed or made? Some think it was either metal, stone, earth or that they were already flesh to begin with.
Vrykul purpose 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What was the role of the vrykul? We know that the earthen were charged with shaping the earth and mechagnomes maintained the great machines of the titans. But what purpose or function did the vrykul serve for the titans?
Vrykul/Kvaldir What is the relationship between the Vrykul and the Kvaldir? - question marked for removal
Watchers, Ulduar 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png After speaking to Ghostcrawler at the Cataclysm midnight launch in London, it was said that Tyr was intended to be the titan who fell against C'thun. If so, does this mean all of the watchers are titans, or is Tyr a unique case?
Watchers, Uldum /Anubisath 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png Are the Anubisath and the Horusath anyway related to titanic watchers in Uldum? For example Setesh is very similar to Anubisath and Rajh to Horusath. - question marked for removal
Watchers, Uldum 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What are the stories of the four titan guardians in Uldum? Particularly the fact that their seats are associated with 4 different schools of magic.
Worgen offspring 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Do the new Worgen pass the curse down to their children (with or without control over it) or are the Worgen essentially doomed to die off after one generation? - question marked for removal
Racial Differences How does the creative team approach the different races in terms of lore differences and what efforts are made to actually make them different beyond their architectural style?
Icon-RPG.png Azotha 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are the Azotha a tribe of a humans, or are they a separate species, another evolutionary step, as in Vykrul-Azotha-Human, or is it more Stormgarde-Stormwind-Azotha-Gilnean...?
Icon-RPG.png Harpy 02Silverstarsm.png Are the rumors that Harpies rape other races males true for breeding true?
Icon-RPG.png Naga Anomaly 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Are High Warlord Naj'entus and others with the same model the naga anomalies described in Dark Factions, or are they something else?
Icon-RPG.png Tothrezim 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Do the Tothrezim still exist, or have they been retconned and replaced with the Gan'arg and Mo'arg?


Questions about creatures found within the Warcraft universe, such as skeletons, dragons, and elementals.
Creatures Rating Question
Alchu bugs, Kommu, Nambu, Upka 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What exactly is a Kommu, Upka, Alchu bugs, Nambu that are mentioned in The Judgment?
Arachnathid 02Silverstarsm.png What happened to the Arachnathid? We never met them in Northrend. Are they extinct?
Arachnathid 02Silverstarsm.png Are the Arachnathid anyway related to the Aqir or their descendants?
Banshee 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What exactly is a Banshee, and are non-elven races able to become one?
Demon regenaration Does the Nathrezim cycle of “regeneration” apply to other Demons or is it specific to them? - question marked for removal
Dragons Family 02Silverstarsm.png Can you explain some of the various "family" habits of dragons, are they incestuous as some speculate? Do only the Aspects get mates? Is Alexstraza actually also Korialstrasz's mother?
Dragon, Lesser It was implied in Day of the Dragon (page 160) and stated in Charge of the Dragonflights (The History of Warcraft), that in ancient times there were several lesser dragonflights which now are gone. Can you give some information about these flights? What were their colourations, leaders, powers, and why did they vanish?
Dragon, Undead Undead Blue Dragons were Frostwyrms, undead Black Dragons were Magmawyrms and undead Red Dragons were Emberwyrms. What are the Green and Bronze dragons when raised in undeath?
Elementals, Conglomerate 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are Conglomerate Elementals still canon? I mean most of the information we had came from the RPG, but in WoW there are some of the dual conglomerate elementals, and some complete elemental suspects, with absence of any Triumvirate Conglomerate.
Elementals, Complete/Primal 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Animus is made of four elementals + elementium, and the prismatic exiles summoned by Myzrael can shift between elements rather easily, are both of these Complete/Primal Conglomerate Elementals?
Elementals, Draenor 01Silverhalfstarsm.png If Cyrukh is a firelord like Ragnaros, does Draenor also have it's own versions of Neptulon, Al'akir and Therazane? - question marked for removal
Elementals, Skywall 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What are the Turbulent Squalls and the Empyrean Assasins doing in Skywall? The first looks like a water elemental and the second looks like a steam elemental/arcane wraiths, neither which can be directly associated with Air elementals.
Fel reavers Are fel reavers demon-possessed constructs or are they a fel-powered constructs?
Fey Darter What are Fey-Drunk Darters doing at Faerie Circle in the Whispering Forest?
Fire spider 02Silverstarsm.png Are Fire Spiders of the Cinderweb brood anyway related to the Nerubian or Aqir? They look very similar.
Forgotten One 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png During W3:TFT undead campaign, we confronted a "Forgotten One", deep in Azjol-Nerub. It has not been mentioned again, and the novelization of the events utterly ignored it. What happened with it? Was it a tendril of Yogg-Saron, like a manifestation of his power? Was it changed into the faceless one Herald Volazj and his three "Forgotten One" minions?
Forgotten One, Presumed 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png Are Iso'rath, Shu'ma, and Go'rath forgotten ones? They seem very similar to the Forgotten One that fought Arthas in Azjol-Nerub. If not, what are they?
Golem, Fire 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Will we ever see Fire golems, that the Dragon Soul spawned, from the "Day of the Dragon"?
Golem, Dragon 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Will we ever see Dragon golems like the one alexstraza used in the "The Sundering".
Gronn Size How large can a Gronn grow?
Gronn Amount 01Silverhalfstarsm.png How numerous are the Gronn?
Gryphon/Hippogryph/Wyvern, Intelligence 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Exactly how smart are wyvern, gryphons and hippogryphs? They been always been described as intelligent, but never had society or any language, they are obviously sentient but no proof of being sapient.
Gryphon/Wyvern, Dragonkin ancestry 01Silverhalfstarsm.png A line in the Warcraft III manual says that wyverns "share a common ancestry with both dragons and gryphons". How?
Leviathan/Kraken 02Silverstarsm.png You seem to use the term "kraken" to label two different types of aquatic creatures, a fish/reptile one and a squid/octopus one. What is their relationship, and is the model name "leviathan" a legitimate name for the squid one?
Mana serpent 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Mana serpents, are they Dragonkin (they were labelled as something of pseudo-dragonkin in the Wow Magazine) or elemental (they seem to share more characteristics with this type)?
Of Souls 08Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What are the Reliquary of Souls and the Devourer Of Souls? - question marked for removal
Old Gods Why were the Old Gods apparently at war with each other?
Owl scouts 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are Ban'thalos and Dori'thur Owl scouts? They look very similar to them and have moon related powers.
Rockflayers 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Why are the rockflayers, an Outland species, in Deepholm, an elemental plane of Azeroth?
Terrorguards 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are Fiends/Terrorguards (face on chest demon with jewel on forehead) related with Ered'ruin race? They look very similar (except for the fact they have a face on their chest) to the Doomguards, Doomlords and Daemons from Warcraft 1 that are part of the Ered'ruin race.
Val'kyr 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Why is the gift of the Val'kyr limited to vrykul women?
Voidwalker 01Silverhalfstarsm.png There is some confusion regarding the voidwalkers, and specifically the void faction led by Dimensious. We have shadow elementals, Yet in the same way we have identical creatures as demons. Are all of these void creatures all the same? If so are they elemental/demon or both? and also is their relation to either the old gods, the burning legion and Dimensious simply one of enforced control? And finally what is the relation between them and the "dead" naaru? - question marked for removal
World Tree saplings 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The Great trees are said to be saplings of the world tree Nordrassil, but so are the Trees of life and they have different functions, the former acting as a portal to the emerald dream and the latter acting as the source of night elves immortality, the question is, why are they different?


Questions about classes found within the Warcraft universe, such as Paladin, Druid, Warrior, Tinker, and Mountain King
Class Rating Question
Death knight, Night Elf What are the night elves views on death knights? - question marked for removal
Death Knight Are Death Knights able to have positive feelings making them able to form relationships with people and maybe even enjoy someone's company or are they instead the emotionless killing machines that people make them out to be?
Death Knight How are Death Knights able to look more preserved, less smelly and rotting, unlike their Forsaken counterparts? (If you don't include Forsaken Death knights of course)
Death Knight Do Death Knights decay? Since undeath grants immortality, decay doesn't seem all that immortal even if they can go on as animate bones.
Druid 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the nature of the relationship between druids (and night elven culture in general) with the arcane, as suggested by Balance spells like starfall, moonfire, etc. as well as moon wells?
Druid, Balance 02Silverstarsm.png What is a Balance druid? They seemingly use both Nature (Life and Weather) and Cosmic powers (Moon, Sun and Stars), and the what and why of their association with the Moonkin form?
Druid, Forms 02Silverstarsm.png Some of the druid forms have ancients associated with them (Ursol/Ursoc=Bear; Aviana=Flight; Malorne=Stag; Goldrinn=Pack), but others do not. If so, could you tell us the ancients that provide to the druids the following forms: Snake, Sea lion, Cat, Travel, Moonkin, Tree of life, Firecat, Fire scorpion and Firehawk.
Druid, Tauren 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Were there actually ancient pre-WotA Tauren Druids? - question marked for removal
Druid transformation When in the process of shapeshifting, do druids experience any kind of pain whatsoever?
Druid, Tree of life 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What the relation between the Druidic form Tree of life and the sapling of the world tree with the same name?
Farstrider 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Did the Farstriders suck as much fel magic in comparison to the rest of Blood elves or did they suck less of it and use meditation to control the magic thirst?
Hunter, Nature 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Do Hunters and/or Rangers have somekind of druidic nature powers?
Mage 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the difference between Arcane as a general classification for different schools of magic and Arcane as a Mage talent tree specialization?
Mage, Healing In the novels we see some mages healing wounds. How widespread is this practice?
Paladin, Tauren 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the Nature of the Sunwalker's "solar power", and how similar is it to the Paladins' "Holy Light"?
Paladin, Worgen Why can't the Worgen be paladins? I understand that many of the first paladins of azeroth were humans, so why not those of Gilneas?
Priest, Tauren 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are the Tauren Priests currently revering the Sky Father, the Earth Mother, or her eyes (Mu'sha and An'she)?
Priest, Human 01Silverhalfstarsm.png How and when did the humans come in contact with Light? Was it something spontaneous, or was it some kind of Light-based beings (like the naaru, angels, etc) showed the Light to the humans, or what? - question marked for removal
Priest, Elune In game, many "elunite" spells use arcane damage and Elune herself has an association with the arcane via the Well of Eternity. Is this use of arcane damage purely related to game mechanics or are there separate "divine arcane" and "nether arcane" schools (the former acceptable in Night elven society, the latter formerly banned)?
Rogue/Warrior, Magic Are some rogue and warrior (ex: Cloak of Shadows, Thunder Clap) powers magical/mystical?
Warlock 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the lore behind dwarf and troll warlocks?
Warlock, Blood Elf We know that the Blood Elves don't have many qualms about fel energy, but what about warlocks themselves? Blood Mages bordered on being warlocks, or some sort of powerful mage/warlock hybrid. Kael'thas did not seem to use any fel-related abilities in his Tempest Keep fight.
Warlock, Quel'thalas What are the laws pertaining to warlocks and demons in Quel'thalas?
Warlock, Shadow Could you explain how warlocks draw on shadow energies? These shadow energies are often associated with the Void and those wielded by Shadow Priests, rather than demons.
Icon-RPG.png Druid, Aquatic 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What are the patrons of the forms of the aquatic druids in "Dark Factions"? Specific aquatic druid forms: frenzy, octopus, crocolisk, cachalot whale and dragon turtle.
Icon-RPG.png Priest, Shadow 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the relation between the shadow ascendants and the Shadow Priest spell [Shadowform]?
Icon-RPG.png Shadow Ascendant 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the relation between the shadow ascendants worshipped like loas by the trolls, and the actual Loas?


Questions are about organizations, factions, reputations, and/or groups found within the Warcraft universe, such as the Argent Dawn, Twilight's Hammer, and the Grimtotem tribe.
Organizations Rating Question
Alliance What are the internal relationships between Alliance races?
Alliance Why and how did the Alliance intercept Thrall on his way to the Maelstrom and why there could be "no witnesses"?
Ancient Kings 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Who are the Ancient Kings? Their name appears in two chest items, the paladin familiar and Val'anyr.
Blood Knights Lady Liadrin became a devout follower of the light due to the events at the Sunwell. Did all or most Blood Knights follow her lead?
Church of the Light 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the current status of the Church of the Holy Light after Benedictus was revealed to be the Twilight Prophet?
Church of the Light 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What is the Church of Light's stance on an afterlife?
Church of the Light What are the origins of the worship of the Light in Human culture? When and how did they begin using and revering the Light? - question marked for removal
Conclave of Winds 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The members of the conclave of the wind seem to be the "second-in-command" of Skywall, acting much like the Stone lords is to the Deepholm, and the Majordomo is to the Firelands, and seem to be composed entirely of Djinns associated with Cardinal winds, the question is: what exactly is their role in the Skywall?
Dalaran Whats Dalaran’s position given the Forsaken’s assault on Ambermill et al?
Dark Riders 02Silverstarsm.png What are the Dark Riders? Could they be a special generation of Second War death knights created by the Burning Legion agents? What's their link to Morbent Fel and the Burning Legion forces at Karazhan and Blasted Lands? - question marked for removal
Dragon Aspects Since the five (original) Dragon Aspects were all created by the Titans from Galakrond, how is it possible only Alexstrasza and Ysera are siblings? They should be all siblings. - question marked for removal
Dragonmaw Clan 02Silverstarsm.png Why were the Dragonmaw called Dragonmaw back in Draenor, there weren't any dragons there? The first time they ever saw a dragon was on Azeroth. Durotan did not even know what the figure on top of the Dark Portal was. - question marked for removal
Ebon Blade 01Silverhalfstarsm.png After the fall of the Lich King, were other Death Knights freed from the Scourge allowed to join the Ebon Blade?
Elemental Lords 02Silverstarsm.png Are the elemental lords of Azeroth equal, below, or above the ones that existed on Draenor?
Forsaken and the Horde The Forsaken initially joined the Horde as an 'alliance of convenience.' Given the most recent events, how do the Forsaken currently view the rest of the Horde?
Horde 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the Horde's stance on "Lo'gosh" now that he has sided with Varian and the Alliance in Wolfheart (Something all of Ashenvale saw)? You would think that Garrosh would ban the worship of Lo'gosh among the Horde for this, but instead they added decorations of him to Orgimmar.
Kelani Magi 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Who were the Kelani Magi and why did they fall? They're mentioned in WC3 on the yellow text from that one Enchanted Gemstone.
Night Elf Watchers Since their introduction in WC3, the watchers have gone from just being jailors to having tracked down potential threats to Azeroth (even going far abroad). Are we likely to see further elaboration on their role during the long vigil?
Night Elf Watchers With the Wardens having been developed from mere jailors to battle hardened trackers and demon slayers, for what reason did Tyrande decide that it would be better to kill the Wardens guarding Illidan and send him to fight the Legion than send the Wardens themselves to fight?
Night Elf Wartchers 01Silverhalfstarsm.png In WC3 Night Elf Wardens had the "Avatar of Vengeance" ability. With the similarities between them and the Sha, is it possible we'll see these Avatars make a return?
Old Gods' forces How were the forces of the Aqir, Elementals and Faceless divided between the Old Gods?
Orc Clan, Bloodfyre 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What's the relationship between the Bloodfyres and Ner'zhul, the chieftain of their clan? They appear at Legends vol. 2, in Family Values.
Orc Clan, Stromreaver 01Silverhalfstarsm.png After the death of Gul'dan, what happened to his personal clan, the Stormreaver clan? We know that they were mostly killed by the Blackrock clan, and some survivors still dwell on the Broken Isles, but then what?
Perenolde family 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the current status of the House of Perenolde?
Reliquary 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Who and why exactly stands behind this newly resurfaced organization? High Examiner Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher is surley it's commander, but he didn't seem to have much of the political power earlier so it's doubtful that he was the one who ordered it's reformation. Will they play any more prominent role further into the expansion? Perhaps a conflict between them and the Explorer's League?
Scarlet Champions What happened to all the Scarlet Champions in the Hall of Champions of the Scarlet Monastery? Are they all dead (or otherwise out of the picture)?
Senate of Ironforge 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What is the governmental role of the Senate of Ironforge? And what changes happened with the recent Council of the Three Hammer and the Dark Iron and Wildhammer clans in Ironforge?
Shen'dralar What is the Shen'dralar's point of view with the cataclysmic changes that Deathwing caused and will they be important in the future?
Silver Hand 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Is there an active faction or chapter of the Knights of the Silver Hand still loyal to the Alliance or was the entire order absorbed into the Argent Crusade? If so, what order do Human and Dwarf paladins members of?
Stone lords 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The stone lords seem to be the "second-in-command" of Deepholm, acting much like the Conclave of Wind is to the Skywall, and the Majordomo is to the Firelands, and seem to be composed entirely of Therazane children, the question is: what exactly is their role in the Deepholms?
Stone lords 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The stone lords seems to be entirely composed of Therazane children's, are the Stone lords the same as Earth Princes? Much like Thunderaan and Sarsarun are called Air Princes and Theradras is called a earth princess. Are all of her children part of it? Beings like Theradras and Ozruk are never mentioned to be stone lords, but she calls them her children.
Stormwind (kingdom) 02Silverstarsm.png If Anduin Lothar is the last decendant of King Thoradin, who was the king of the Arathor Empire and essentially the leader of the Arathi tribe, how did the House of Wrynn become the king of Stormwind where the descendants of the Arathi came to settle after the Empire fractured?
Sunfury In "Shadows of the Sun" you mentioned that the Sunfury had returned. This is a very important and influential group of Blood Elves (who were Kael'thas's elite.) Are they the elves who fought in the Shattered Sun alongside the Draenei against Kil’jaeden and did these elite troopers and magisters turn on their Sun King when he went mad?


Questions about locations found (or not found) in the Warcraft universe
Locations Rating Question
Azeroth 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Is the map of Azeroth as we know it world-spanning, or have we merely seen one side of the globe?
Azjol-Nerub Can you explain the Inner, Upper, and Old Kingdoms of Azjol-Nerub, and how they related to both Warcraft III and World of Warcraft? What were they? "Ahn'kahet" is the Old Kingdom (of course). "Azjol-Nerub" is the Upper Kingdom, but contains elements of the Old Kingdom, and no tunnels to Icecrown. The Inner Kingdom does not appear.
Azureload Mines Are the Alliance prisoners in the Azureload mines in Hillsbrad being used as incubators for the spider eggs, food for their young or both?
Bael Modan 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What did the Dwarves of Bael Modan find under the digsite before Cataclysm hit?
Crystalsong Forest 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What was the plot for crystal satyrs and dryads, and everything else, in Crystalsong Forest?
Draenor 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What were some of the destroyed regions of Outland like before destruction? Namely the Fields of Farahlon, Brokenrock Mountains, and the island that was the ancestral territory of the Warsong Clan. - question marked for removal
Gundrak 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Why was there a giant snake tail in Gundrak?
Gundrak 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png In Wrath of the Lich King we only saw the sewers and lower levels of Gundrak, what is actually inside Gundrak?
Kalimdor What were the mechanics of the Sundering, Magic? Did landmass between the current continents sank or it's a result of plate tectonics movement?
Nendis 02Silverstarsm.png What happened with the port of Nendis?
Ogrezonia 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Where is Ogrezonia located?
Ominous island 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What is the name of the ominous island in "War of the Ancients Trilogy, The Well of Eternity", and what are it's "more evil than the scourge" ghouls inhabitants?
Pandaria 02Silverstarsm.png Was Pandaria a part of Old Kalimdor before the Sundering? - question marked for removal
Quel'lithien Lodge 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What was the artifact that "wretched" the high elves at Quel'lithien lodge? To become Wretched, one must give in to their addiction and massively over-indulge. The High Elves coped with their addiction through meditation for years. Then, with the Sunwell re-ignited, their pangs should have faded.
Spirit World 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What exactly is 'The Spirit World' and what forces rule it?
Stonetalon Peak caverns 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What has happened to the Stonetalon caves that Medivh resided in as the Oracle since the events of Reign of Chaos?
Stormwind City 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the approximate population of Stormwind City?
Stormwind Graveyard

In the Stormwind graveyard, there is a big coffer with a Lordaeron Mark on it. Who is lying there?

Storm Peaks 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Where in the Storm Peaks did Aegwynn perform her titanic battle against Sargeras, and why is there no mark of it in World of Warcraft?
Tirisfal Glades 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What was the dark presence that caused the Highborne to abandon Tirisfal Glades for Quel'Thalas?
Tol Barad 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened in Tol Barad?
Uldum 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Was Uldum an old god prison for C'Thun, like Ulduar is for Yogg-Saron? - question marked for removal
Ulmat Thondr 02Silverstarsm.png In The Last Guardian, an unknown peninsula at the south is mentioned: Ulmat Thondr. It's rumored to have jungle troll activity, so could we say this place is the same as Stranglethorn Vale?
Vandermar 02Silverstarsm.png What happened with Vandermar Village? Did it turn become Deathknell?
World Tree 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png We know Nordrassil is "crown of the heavens" and Teldrassil is "crown of the earth". But what does Vordrassil mean? - question marked for removal
World Tree 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Why was Vordrassil grown, and what druids grew it? - question marked for removal
Zul'drak 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What is the fate of Zul'drak following the demise of the Lich King?
Icon-RPG.png Greenrush River 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What happened with Greenrush River? This river started in the center of Lake Abasi at Zul'Aman, and flew into Darrowmere Lake. It's probably the same as Thondroril River, but there's no river going out of Quel'Thalas that could connect both places.
Icon-RPG.png Hiji / Plunder Isle 02Silverstarsm.png Are Hiji and Plunder Isle the same island? they seem to share the same location and general shape in maps.


Questions about artifacts, items, and other objects in the Warcraft universe
Objects Rating Question
Ashbringer's Origin 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What is the origin of the crystal the Ashbringer was formed from? Many speculate it could be the shard of a dead naaru, that turned back to the light once it was purified by Alexandros and friends. Is it the shard of a naaru? Also, could it be one of the shards of the Ata'mal crystal?
Ata'mal crystals 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What happened to the Ata'mal crystals?
Ata'mal crystals 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What were the powers of all seven Ata'mal crystals?
Broxigar Statue There is evidence that the Night Elves have a statue of Broxigar somewhere. If it exists, where is it and is there a chance we'll see it game?
Crown of Will 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What happened to the Crown of Will after Sylvanas got her hands on it?
 [Felo'melorn] 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What happened to Felo'melorn, or Flamestrike, the blade of the Sunstrider family? We last saw it at the battle between Illidari and Scourge at Icecrown, and it hasn't ever appeared in-game. - question marked for removal
Glaive of the Aspects 06Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What happened with the Glaive of the Aspects? Highlord Kruul assaulted Azeroth in the pre-TBC event searching its shards, and finally Kazzak managed to rebuild the glaive. It's even mentioned in it's page at the official site, but we haven't heard from the weapon ever again, and it doesn't appear in-game.
Missing Vial 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What happened to the last Vial of Eternity?
Mosaics 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Are the five non-broken mosaics in Descent into Madness(General Vezax room) a picture of each of the old gods?
Runeblade Vampiric Runeblades are an intriguing concept, seen when Arthas/The Lich King transports you to what would be inside Frostmourne in ICC. Is there any chance on elaboration on that matter?
Stone of the Tides 02Silverstarsm.png What happened to the Stone of Tides?
Sulfuron What exactly is "Sulfuron"?
Sunwell's vial 02Silverstarsm.png How did the Highborne obtain the vial of the Well of Eternity used to create the Sunwell? Illidan was imprisoned when they left Kalimdor.
Icon-RPG.png Plate of the Damned 02Silverstarsm.png What happened to the Plate of the Damned?


Questions that do not fit in the above categories, but are often wondered about anyway
Other Rating Question
Ageon 07Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png When the sea giant Morogrim Tidewalker dies he says "Great... currents of... Ageon," what/who/where is Ageon?
Dark Portal Opening 02Silverstarsm.png What was the artifact that Kazzak used to reopen the Dark Portal? How did he learn of it?
Date 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Due to all the conflicts between different lore sources... What year are we in?
Deities, Arakkoa 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What are the relations between Anzu, Rukhmar, Terokk, and the Old God in SMV? - question marked for removal
Deities, Drakkari 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What is the nature of the 4 drakkari gods, Zim'Torga, Zim'Abwa, Zim'Rhuk and Dubra'Jin? They are never called loas even trough the character that point these gods out have no problem with calling the other animal gods loas, and Zim'torga has some similarities with Elune, being female, having a passive/peace theme going and both being directed towards prosperity.
Deities, Hydra 08Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png The old gods seems to favor some type of hydra deities/demigods as pets (Aku'mai and Gahz'rilla), with other hydras like them (Gahz'ranka and Hetaera). Is this affirmation correct, and if so why do the old gods do favour them as pets?
Deities, Tuskarr 06Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What are Oacha'noa, Issliruk, Karkut and Tayutka? (Gods, Demigods, Deities, Loa, Ancient Guardians)
Deities, Unnamed 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png In "The Sundering", around chapter twelve, there are references to a bunch of ancients that were never really explored, could you give any clarity into these ancients and their names, if they are still canon? The ancients are: A wolverine guardian, a tiny red fox, a winged panther, pixies, a reptilian warrior , male oak figures with hoods, a stick bug race, and a bearded squat warrior that was riding two wolves and using a sickle as a weapon.
Deities, Vashj'ir 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Whats the deal with Nespirah and L'ghorek anyway? What are they exactly? The shamans in Vash'jr say that they are ancients. Are they the same as the ones on Hyjal?
Elements 02Silverstarsm.png Could you clarify on the differences between the Elementals and the Elements(Spirit of Fire...) the shamans call?
Elements 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Originally there were 5 elements presented in Lords of the clans (Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Wilds). But with Unbroken gave us the Spirit of Wind, the The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm and Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects gave us the Spirit of Life and World of Warcraft: Shaman gave us the Spirit of Lighting. The first two seem to be minor variations of the Air and Wilds elements. The question is: Can you clarify the connection between the original 5 elements and the 3 "new" elements presented?
Encyclopaedia On the old World of warcraft website, there was an encyclopaedia, which only exists on wowpedia nowadays. Is this encyclopedia still canon?
Magic 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Are necromancy and fel corruptions of arcane magic by divine-magic based shadow? - question marked for removal
Magic, Blight What exactly makes up a plague of undeath or a blight?
Magic, Fel In the past it's been explained that the physical mutations caused by Fel Magic take time to mend, such as the green skin of Orcs, wouldn't the part-holy magic of the Sunwell quicken the blood elves recovery from that state?
Magic, Ley lines What was the extent of the damage the ley lines (and Azeroth's magic in general) took during the Nexus War and can this damage be repaired?
Magic, Ley lines What was the extent of the damage the ley lines (and Azeroth's magic in general) took during the Cataclysm and can this damage be repaired?
Magic, Nether What is it exactly Nether magic?
Magic, Red mist 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png Can you tell us the nature of the "red mist" from the "Unbroken" story, specificly if it is a weapon, and if it only effects the Draenei, and what it did to them? - question marked for removal
Magic, Shadowflame 03Silverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What is the nature of shadowflame? It's both mentioned in a warlock spell and the breath used by the black dragonflight.
Magic, Twilight 01Silverhalfstarsm.png What exactly are the twilight energies wielded by Twilight Cultists?
Medicine Is there still use of surgical technique is Azeroth or has Magic more or less replaced all but the most minor "ripping an arrow out" jobs?
Mythology, Blue Child 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png To the Tauren the White lady is Mu'sha and the sun is An'she; what is the Blue Child, and what is the mythology behind him/her/it?
Mythology, Tauren 05Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.pngSilverhalfstarsm.png What are the Earth Mother, the Sky Father(Gods, Demigods, Deities, Loa, Ancient Guardians, non-existent, other)? The Sky Father was introduced rather recently, did the tauren recently adapted him as their god, or you just haven't thought of the idea?
Novella A while back it was mentioned that there were plans to release a novella about Kael'thas between The Frozen Throne and The Burning Crusade. Has there been any further discussion about releasing it, say as a full book detailing other events on Outland in that time frame, or putting it in game somewhere?
Time Travel What rules govern Azerothian time travel? Many of quests and lore sources contradict each other.
Title, Majordomo 01Silverhalfstarsm.png The bearers of the title "Majordomo" seem to be the "second-in-command" of Firelands, acting much like the Stone lords is to the Deepholm, and the Conclave of Wind is to the Skywall, whose title has been held by Executus and Staghelm, the question is: what exactly is the role of the Majordomo in the Firelands?
Zul What's the reason for the major troll cities having the "Zul" prefix?
Icon-RPG.png Mythology 04Silverstarsm.pngSilverstarsm.png What are the Earth Mother, the Sky Father, the One in the Deeps and the Deep Mother (Gods, Demigods, Deities, Loa, Ancient Guardians, non-existent, other)? They all seem very similar.
Icon-RPG.png Title, Majordomo 01Silverhalfstarsm.png Baron Geddon in the war against the titans was demoted from his position and replaced with Executus who was once the majordomo, the question is was Baron Geddon once a Majordomo for Ragnaros?

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