Fired when the client receives a message from C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessageLogged()

CHAT_MSG_ADDON_LOGGED: prefix, text, channel, sender, target, zoneChannelID, localID, name, instanceID


1. prefix 
string - The registered prefix as used in C_ChatInfo.RegisterAddonMessagePrefix()
2. text 
string - The message body
3. channel 
string - The addon channel's chat type, e.g. "PARTY"
4. sender 
string - Player who initiated the message
5. target 
string - The channel index and name, e.g. "4. test"; or for the "WHISPER" chat type, same as sender
6. zoneChannelID 
number - Seems to be always 0
7. localID 
number - The channel index or 0 if not applicable.
8. name 
string - The channel name or an empty string if not applicable.
9. instanceID 
number - Seems to be always 0

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